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Greetings from Social Circle! I'm Lenny, formerly known as Cletus Earl, and I'm Rosie. My BHRG name was Hattie. We were adopted by this interesting family who live in a cool old house with a big front porch to run around on. It's great living here- all the Beggin Strips you can eat, along with the pork chops, roasts, chicken, waffles, muffins, biscuits, meatballs, etc. Our mom and dad say it's easier to cook for us, especially since they worry about what's in that dog food (YUK!) that you buy at the grocery store. Mom says it's too cold for our old bones on our old house's floors, so Mom and Dad help us up into their bed. Mom and Dad say we're very good because we sleep all night without getting up. Of course, we like to sleep in bed during the day too, but we like our walks, especially when our housemate and friend Gregory the Cat goes with us. We also have two step-sisters, Betty the beagle and Crissy the retriever who also go on our walks. Sometimes when we're all out walking, people stop in cars and watch us and smile as we all go by (there's not much to look at out here!), and we love being the center of attention.
Even though I (Rosie) have only one eye, I love to run and play. I got lots of new toys. and Mom gives me those Beggin Strips as snacks. The apple of my one eye is my Daddy. I love him. He makes sure I'm in the middle of the bed so I don't fall off the sides, and he makes sure my pork chops are cut in small pieces so that I can chew them all right because my teeth have seen better days. On the warm afternoons, Daddy and I sit on the porch. He reads his papers and I lay in the sun and watch the firemen across the street with their big red trucks. Sometimes the firemen go out of their house with their trucks and make a loud squealing sound that Mom says is a siren. I try to imitate that sound and it makes Mom and Dad laugh. For all my problems in the past, I feel pretty good for an old lady. The nice thing is that I know that I will never have to look for a new house again, and the quiet, small town life I wound up with suits me just fine.
Well, I, Lenny, have to agree. I have to admit that the way to my heart was through my tummy, and Mom figured this out pretty quick. Even on the way home from the kennel when they first came to get me, we stopped, and I ate four double cheeseburgers, but that was only the beginning. Mom makes sure that I get my pork chops just the way I like them- a little salt and a little garlic MMM. I was a bit skinny when I came to live here, but now I weigh about 60 pounds. I'm not too portly to go walking though, and I love to play with Crissy the retriever. I'm short so I can literally stand under her tummy when she stands up, then I gnaw on her ankle until she starts to play with me. We have a lot of fun. Although I can't remember exactly, someone must have been nasty to me in the past because if someone touches me when I'm asleep, I will snap at them. I don't mean it, and I cry afterwards, but Mom and Dad understand, so it's okay. Mom says I'll get over it in time, and that love and pork chops will make it all go away. I think she's right. Anyway, I admit it, I'm a Momma's boy, and Mom says that's just fine with her. Well, Mom's in the kitchen, and we all know what that means! Anyway, we just wanted to let BHRG know that things are going great, and we are so grateful that we all got together. Thanks!

We wanted to send an update on our new addition... Fern! My husband and I got married in December and saw Fern at the Petsmart in Buckhead on one of the adoption days. We previously decided we would strictly "look" and not bring one home. We couldn't stop thinking about her! My husband kept telling me to wait and we would talk about all the details before adopting. Little did I know what was in the works! To my surprise, I was reunited with Fern on Christmas Eve! What a Christmas miracle! She is an energetic,loving girl and we get compliments on her daily. She goes to doggie daycare once a week and LOVES romping around with all her buddies. We are still working on leash walking. Due to the nature of a basset, she wants to sniff and smell everything in sight! She truly adds a joy to our lives, and we can't wait to get off work to see her! Thank you for such an incredible friend. We LOVE her!

We adopted Stella (formally named Lacy) in April 2009, and already we can not imagine our lives without her.  She is the sweetest and most "cuddly" dog I've ever owned.  Her playful, loving personality has made her a local celebrity at our dog park and our other dog, Jager, loves having a backyard hunting partner and playmate.  Thank you so much BHRG for making our family complete! 

I adopted Harper in June 2009.  She has been a wonderful addition to my family.  She loves to lay on the couch and sleep all day, when she decides to move she is always looking for food.  She loves playing with her best friends Bruce the Bulldog and Kody the shih-tzu.  They all three love to play with stuffed animals and wrestle with each other. Harper likes to be the momma dog, she keeps the other two in line with her loud deep bark.  She is a huge cuddle bug and I couldn't imagine having a better basset.

Last year around this time, I looked at my husband and said it's a dog or a baby.  We both said "dog" at the same time.  After a lot of research we decided on the basset hound, and where better to get a basset hound than BHRG?  We went to the Petsmart adoption just to look- and came home with Mozelle and Tim (now Moxie and Token respectively). 
Boy talk about a change in our lives.  We knew bassets were great dogs, but these two are also great thieves...of our hearts that is! When we got Moxie and Token, they had been in kennels and not been really updated on the BHRG website.  What I can tell you is that Moxie has had a lifetime of puppies and severe abuse.  Token was starved - only 24 pounds when we got him.  These two live the high life now!  Moxie is the queen of the sofa and bed when it's bed time.  Token is Mr. Happy when it's walk time.  Both dogs have put on about 25 pounds in the last year that we've had them and filled out very nicely.  Every night, I go to sleep with Moxie in bed with me.  Token prefers to sleep in the dog bed or in the "nest" of blankets he made on the floor.  Every morning, we get to wake up to give Token his morning ear rubs which he groans about all the time.. :)  Moxie is still working on her potty training, but through some perseverence she's picking it up. I couldn't see my life without these two and I am so glad they are now our "kids."

I thought you might enjoy seeing this photo of Ringo (aka Poogan) with me and Sookie.  Ringo is completely a member of the family now.  Everyone loves him so much and he is so happy.  Sookie and Ringo are such soul mates.  They play and play all day and both cuddle up with us in our bed at night.  I consider getting Ringo one of the best decisions I ever made.

I want you guys to know that when I saw Faith on the BHRG website on the first of March I was in love. However I had to say goodbye to my baby Jasmine in February after a long illness and was not sure I was ready for an addition at this time. I was in touch with Lisa and there was to be an adoption that weekend, but I had just returned from Atlanta and to drive three hours again was too much. I told Lisa that if it was meant for me to have Faith, then she would be there on Monday. Faith was still there and I drove to get her on Tuesday. This was meant to be I know, and she in so many ways reminds me of Jasmine. She is and always will be a God-sent treasure for me. Thank you.

This is Martha whom we adopted in November 2008 at the Bash to join Andy and Stump (aka Gilligan).  Martha is a delight and has come along way from her days as a puppy mill dog thanks to her foster mom, Marcia.  Martha is spending her first summer in Maine and has taken to canoeing quite well.  This was her first trip down the Saco River.  She now has a life jacket and will be taking her next trip soon.  We've decided that you can't have too many bassets.

My name is Cid (aka Hoyt at BHRG).  My foster parents decided to adopt me after I wrecked havoc in their home.  I mean my nickname is Cid Monster, Cid Mush, Cid Monster Mush afterall.  Anyways! I love being with them all the time so much so that I'm the ruler of the house!  I boss all my brothers and sisters around just so I can have all the attention even though sometimes mom makes me share. My dad and I play a game called hide and seek.  See my dad and I will hang out in the bedroom and he'll chase me.  So naturally I run back and forth at full speed between hiding under the clothes in the closet and squeezing behind the bed.  Sometimes my dad has to help me out from behind the bed because they feed me so well I get stuck. On nice days, my mom and dad even take us to the dog park where I love to patrol and howl at the other dogs playing. I love living here and wanted to thank the BHRG for saving me. 

Mr. Barrett is here to say thanks.  I came to the BHRG back in the fall of 2008 a very, very sick puppy.  They didn't think I was going to make it, but sure enough I pulled through!  I wanted to see what it was like to have a forever home and WOW! It's amazing!  I have my very own soft, warm bed to sleep on.  I get lots of treats. And I even have two best friends that are my brother and sister.  We play ALL the time! My mom takes me to all sorts of places.  I really like the dog park, but I also like going to the hardware store to see my dad.  People always love on me when I go there.  Thanks BHRG for giving me my life back.

Well, it's been a month and Elton has found his forever home and stolen our hearts! He is an angel boy and he and Summer are getting along just fine. He had his first vet visit in early August and everything is fine - he weighs 55 lbs., has no heartworm, had his nails clipped and ears cleaned by the vet. She also aspirated several of his fatty cysts and found that there is nothing for us to worry about - whew! We got all his shots, heartworm & flea medicine and he is good to go. He also got oohs and ahhs from the staff - we took Summer with us and she was his moral support. We had a party at our home yesterday, it was the first time many people were going to be at our house with Elton, I was a little nervous, but he was perfect. Everyone loved him - the perfect gentleman. Summer is showing him the ropes and I must say he is a fast learner. They really do enjoy each other's company. My husband, Phil, really did not want another dog, but I was relentless so he gave in. This past weekend he said that Elton is a great dog. We have been really lucky if you think about it - we got both Summer and Elton by just seeing their photos - we really had no idea if they would get along - they are becoming fast friends and we couldn't be happier.

I adopted Clementine (formerly known as Cordelia to BHRG) a few months ago, and she has brought so much joy to my home.  She is a wonderful companion, and has adjusted to life here so well.  Of course, she's only working with one eye, but that doesn't stop this gal from enjoying life.  Clem loves to go for walks, play with her tennis ball, and gobble up rawhides in record time... she just always seems to have a skip in her step!  Thank you so much to the BHRG for connecting me with such a loving hound!

Just a short note to give ya'll an update on Phoebe & Eddie. They were adopted about 3 years ago. His adoption name is Edward. My Brother has the same name. Now there are two Edwards in our family. We adopted Phoebe first when she was about 11 months old. As a puppy, she was into everything, as all youngsters are. The wife and I both work and Phoebe would get bored and act out a little. After about 3 months we decided to adopt Edward, who has the now name of Eddie, so that Phoebe would have a mate to keep her company and she would be less likely to get into trouble. That was not too be. Now we had two puppies .  Eddie was about 10 months then and very playful . "Double Trouble". If there was anything that was in their reach, you had better remove it because it would be elimitated by the pair. Let me say this about the Hounds, as I like to call the pair. Phoebe is the one who is the most curious and gets into things most of the time. Eddie just looks like " Oh hell, I'm going to get it again because of my Sister". Eddie loves to be petted. All the boy wants is to be loved. As they have grown older and maybe a little wiser, objects are not as likely to be destroyed as in past years and that is ok with us. The Hounds are very loving and they like to play chase with each other all over the house. It is fun watching them have fun. The two really do enjoy each other's company.  We are greatful to BHRG for the opportunity to be Phoebe's and Eddie's forever parents. Thank you BHRG. Everyone of you have put a lot of happiness into our household.

We adopted Kelley, now Rosie, back in August 2008. She has now been a big part of our home along with her step-brothers Henry and Calvin. Henry and Calvin love to play with their adopted step-sister. When they do get into their playful mood it is a sight to behold. The boys gang up on her but she runs them around in circles as they try to catch her. When it does happen we only hope that our favorite TV show is not on because we are not going to hear it over the barking.

I adopted Gemini in May 2007. She walked in my house, looked around, then curled up on the bed I bought for her and took a nap. She fit right into my life like we had always been together. She is now 13 years old. A few months ago, she was diagnosed with heart failure. She is on medication, and I hope she'll be with me a while longer. I could not have asked for a better dog, I adore her!

Hello everyone at BHRG! My name is Monty, but people at BHRG knew me as Loroy. My mommy said I should let everyone know how I'm doing and send some pictures of me with my family. I was from a broken home, I had a case of heartworm, and mommy says I was a little on the skinny side when I came to Atlanta spring '08. I was with my foster family a short time when I went to an adoption event in Buckhead. I was nervous and didn't know what was going on as I had had an eventful few months. I walked in and saw all these dogs. My daddy walked up and started talking to my foster daddy. He called my mommy over and my soon to be sister was nervous too. She tapped me on my nose with her paw to let me know it was ok. Mommy says she fell in love with me immediately! They took me home that day. Now I'm happy as can be. Mommy calls me her momma's boy as I don't like to lose sight of her. I sleep by her side of the bed at night and love it when she rubs my belly. I follow daddy all over the place and love to play in my big backyard with my sister, Bailey. I asked mommy to attach some these pictures so you can see what I'm up to these days. Thank you everyone at BHRG for giving me a chance at finding the happy home I've dreamed about!

I just had to write & tell all my fellow basset lovers how happy I am to have found Boscoe, formerly Arby. After watching the site for about 2 years, I happened across his picture the first part of January 2009. It was love at first site for me & I immediately said 'I gotta go get him!' Just knew he was the Basset for me. I adopted him on 1/31, my birthday. What a birthday gift!! Boscoe is the epitome of the perfect Basset & has really been a wonderful addition to me & my son's life. We are all very happy together. Boscoe was a bit on the thin side when I rescued him, but he has put on a few pounds and looks great! He loves his chewy treats & toys & running with the big dogs at the dog park practically every day. People always comment on how active & handsome he is. I tell them 'Bassets are like living with a cartoon character!' I want to thank your wonderful organization & to his foster parents (Tim & April Mathis) for taking him in and taking such wonderful care of him before I came along to adopt.

We adopted Albert in 2007 to be a brother for a basset we already had. Albert has been a joy to our lives as well as his older brother's. Thank you BHRG for all that you do!

Madame is now known as Maddie and is living in New York! She says, "Hi everyone! We all thought we'd give you an update on my new life! I have 2 sisters and a nephew - a Boxer mix - but Mom says he's a Basset wannabe. My new parents seem to like to feed us pretty good. I've put on some weight and Mom says I look good. There's lots of treats, and Mom & Dad take turns making our food. There's a lot of green stuff in it but it's still pretty good. Mom gives me a little bit of the orange crunchy things then cooks some up for the food. Those I like pretty good – she calls them carrots. She's pretty slow at getting meals ready so I bark and encourage her to speed things up. We get an egg once a week for breakfast and I really like those! I didn't much care for the white stuff on the ground when I first got here but it went away pretty quickly. The yard is now just grass and some mud to bring in the house with us. There's a fence all the way around our yard so there's no wandering around town. If we wander we have leashes on us and someone at the other end of it. Anyway there's plenty of room in our yard to play so one of my sisters and our nephew do a lot of that! And I patrol when I'm out there. I did manage to get the nephew to dig a big hole for me to lay in once I'm done with my patrolling. Mom wasn't too happy about that. There's a few toys around that I don't really care about but the bones…! I have a lot of nicknames now so I'm not always sure what I should answer to. I just come running whenever someone is in the kitchen and make sure everyone knows I'm around when they're not. Dad calls me Peepot a lot and Mom usually calls me Sassy-pants. Well, I've been here 6 weeks and so far I've met my new doctor a couple times and he seems ok, met my new grandparents, one of the grandpas has a chair that he rolls around in so gotta be careful of that; and…wormed my way into sleeping with Dad until Mom comes to bed, then get my own bed with my own blanket to cover up with the rest of the night (I'll keep working on getting to sleep all night in the bed like one of my sisters does). 

Hello! I had to send a thank you to someone at the Basset Hound Rescue...so hopefully this will get to the right person. I was the fortunate person to have adopted Abbey 12 years ago. She was around 2 years old and a friend met her at a PETsMART adoption day. She was found by y'all and brought back to health so she could find a happy home. She was the best thing that has ever happended to me. I had to put her down 3 weeks ago due to a huge mass in her stomach. It was the worst day of my life. Abbey had the power to put a smile on my face everyday. She was my best friend and I loved her with all my heart. So, thank you for all you do and I hope when I am up for a getting another dog that I will be able to find one 1/2 as great as "Little Abner."

Tucker was added to our family over Thanksgiving weekend in a whirlwind trip.  We made the official decision to adopt literally 12 hours before my husband went up to Atlanta to pick up our perky new addition, Tucker!  We wanted a new elder basset to take the place of our 2 beloved boys that had crossed the bridge (Rosco in 2005 and Copper, our first rescue in July, 2008).  We missed them both so much and needed that TV couch potato-companion to fill the void.  Tucker was about the only elder male basset in Florida and Georgia combined and we didn't waste any time going to get him once we were approved.  Tucker is a younger, better cared for version of Copper.  They look so much alike that we had great difficulties remembering his real name so the poor boy had a couple of weeks of serious confusion!  He has an immense amount of love in him.  I was shocked when immediately upon entrance into our house he laid down & gave me his belly for a proper hello.  Apparently he's also smart since he quickly learned how to "work" me – taking over the couch "Woof, I need a boost!" or my BED.  He is now enjoying a very cozy memory foam bed or my son's bed where he'll curl up after nibbling what's left of their snacks and dozing with them all night long.  He has helped re-teach our other dogs how to use a doggy door too so adding Tucker as our 3rd dog (2 Bassets & 1 English Bulldog) turned out to be one of the best decisions we've made in a long time. 

Dear BHRG... About 3 years ago, you all took me in and cared for me.  I was skinny as a rail and you could see all my ribs!  I don't know how long I had been out in the "wild". One day, Donna and Joe saw me on your website and emailed you to see if they could adopt me.  I was already spoken for.  For whatever reason, that didn't work out and you notified Donna and Joe that I was now available and would be at the Basset Bash.  They went, saw me and asked if they could have me, EMMA!  They have taken wonderful care of me and I have rewarded them by being everything they could have ever wanted in a pet!  I am a huge part of their family!  I am sending you a picuture of me in MY CHAIR!  When they got me, I weighed about 35 pounds and now am over 55.  They have 3 beautiful grandchildren I love to kiss and play with.  Thank you for rescuing me! Love, GUMBO.

We want to say a big thankyou to BHRG for letting these 3 puppies into our lives. We started with Sierra's[maddie] puppy called Tippy and when we found out she needed a playmate, [our older corgi didn't want to play] we then opened our hearts to Pokey. Last Christmas we realized that yet another puppy needed a home, so Chloe came up to New Jersey to join the pack. They are just the best dogs to have around the farm, they all have very important jobs,Chloe is the official hunter of any wildlife on the property, Tippy is the official greeter with a big wag of the tail, and is the ups guy's favorite! And Pokey is in charge of my 8 yr old daughter, which might include being dressed up in dolls clothes, or [her favorite job] sharing snacks. Anyone who comes to the farm just love these 3 dogs and when they are not running and playing, together they are fast asleep, all piled on top of each other, we are just thrilled that all the puppies found great homes, and we get to see Maddie[Sierra] all the time for playdates.

Just wanted share how Lady is doing.  I adopted her in November 2006, after only fostering her for a week.  She has since been renamed 'Bridget' and is the MOST loving girl!  She is definitely a momma's girl.  She loves to cuddle on the couch with me after work...turns over in my lap for a beloved belly rub!  She also loves her chew bones, her daily walks and her 'friends' in the neighborhood. Bridget and I relocated to the Columbus, OH area with a job change in 2007.  Thank you BHRG for Bridget, I can not imagine life without her!

We are so blessed to have been introduced to Lucy Ann through her foster parents in November 2008.  We're now like 3 peas in a pod, and bringing Lucy into our family has been one of the best things we've ever done.  Sweet, affectionate, and intelligent are just some of the ways we describe our Lucy.  My husband and I remark to each other often about how is it possible that such a doting and loving pooch could have been abandoned in the first place?  Things happen for a reason, and we couldn't be happier with Lucy being with us.  Lucy adores the dog park, where she's free to run, sniff, scout, and bark to her heart's desire.  She knows that she's a part of our family, and checks in with us every 10 minutes or so before heading back out for more adventure.  Her favorite toy is a quacking duck, and she likes to relax by looking outside from her window seat.  She's now very close to her ideal weight after needing to put on about 15 pounds from when she was found, and she looks forward every day to meal time.  Charming and well-mannered, Lucy doesn't beg, and follows directions very well.  Lucy has a tendency to be led by her nose, and the "gentle-lead" leash has made walk-time enjoyable for all of us.  Thank you to BHRG and the foster parents for taking such care and being so dedicated to the bassets before we get there to adopt them.

I just wanted to share this picture of Franklin.  This is his first Christmas with us.  We adopted Franklin in June 2008 and he is just so sweet. (His name was Luke).

I thought it was about time I thank BHRG for bringing Yoshi into our lives.  Yoshi was a rescued by us around July 2007.  He was very emaciated, had heartworms, several rotten teeth, deaf, and chronic allergies.  Shortly after we got him home, to add injury to insult, he was attacked by a stray dog.  He went through weeks of treatment for the wounds requiring daily bandage changing, but he never lost his spirit.  We decided to adopt him when we couldn't fathom giving him up.  Today Yoshi is definitely a momma's boy.  His eyes light up when I walk into the room, and its apparent we may be the first true home he's ever had.  Yoshi is a member of our family; he is slightly overweight, but happy for a 14 year old pup.  I have attached some of the wonderful recent pictures I snapped of him.  Thank you for bringing this wonderful man into our lives.  We have definitely become basset family members for life.

Hi, my name is Eli, formerly known as Einstein and I love my new family! I was adopted in February 2008 when I was around 7 months old because my old family did not want me anymore because of my typical puppy habits such as chewing. I am so happy and spoiled with my forever family now. I was a surprise Valentine's Day present to my new mommy. She met me at an adoption, but was not looking for a new dog. She loved me and pet me, but decided to leave without me that day and I barked when she was leaving because I knew that she was supposed to be my mommy. After our first encounter, my new daddy said that mommy could not stop talking about me all week and she hoped that I had gone to a good home. My daddy contacted BHRG and found out that I had not been adopted yet and came and adopted me the next week and we surprised my new mommy with a big red bow around my neck for Valentine's Day. I love my new home so much, I have a golden retriever sister named Abby and I am even allowed to nap on the sofa! I am so loved and spoiled!! I adjusted to my family right away and we are living happily ever after! Thank you BHRG!

I just wanted to let you know how much we love having Baskerville (Arnie).  He is settling in very well and knows his new name already!  We even watched the Hound of the Baskervilles on DVD with him and he barked when he heard the hound howl at the beginning of it.  He uses his dog door, loves playing in the yard, is getting much better on his walks (listening to stay and come), and has lots of dog friends in the neighborhood that he likes to play with.  He had a great checkup at the vet and has already gone to the groomers and was very good there.  He loves playing with the squeaky toys we buy for him (he likes to pull all of the stuffing out and the squeaker!) and he likes to sleep in the sunshine on our leather couch with lots of blankets.  He has two dog beds (one in the living room and one in our bedroom) and he sleeps in them a lot, but he most prefers to sleep with us in our bed (and we love him there!). He has already brought so much joy to us and we are so thrilled that he is happy.  Thanks again for bringing him into our lives.

Hi, I'm Spot! My adoptive family welcomed me into their home in February of 2007. My family consists of my furry mommy (Brandy); one calico cat who looks like me and I like to play with, and a bird who doesn't like me much. Then there are my two-legged family members, Mom, Dad, and two sisters, Katie, and Rebecca. There's a lot of love to go around for me, and I take advantage of it whenever I can. See, I was adopted because my new parents' dog Brandy is almost 18 and was expected to go to the Rainbow Bridge soon. I was supposed to be a transition, but that's not what happened at all. I've adopted Brandy, and I can be found during the day helping to groom her and just laying my head on her lap. I still tend to be a bit afraid of other dogs outside my home, but I'm getting braver. My parents never take me outside of my house without a leash— and that I don't like much! But I do have a fenced in backyard I can run and play in. Because I'm height challenged, visiting dog parks can still be scary for me. But I LOVE other friends my size. Each night I sleep with my two-legged sister, Rebecca, who spoils me bunches. My family wanted to thank the Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia for not only rescuing my mom, Annabelle, but also for all of my brothers and sisters. I hope they all found homes as much fun as mine! I have the bestest life ever!

Hi my friends, here I am (Angel) in my forever home.  I was adopted in July of 2007 at Petsmart in Marietta, GA. I have FINALLY begun to believe that I'm here forever.  Boy what a relief....  My people have been so good to me and I really do like them.  It took me awhile to get acclimated because I had been to so many places in my life time.  I was wondering if this was just another temporary home.  Well, my people have assured me that I'm here to stay. They give me chew toys and let me sleep on their laps and give me kisses,and rub my tummy and all that stuff.  My Daddy plays with me and he lets me run & run till I'm so tired... I learned how to go up & down the stairs .  Now I'm allowed to go up & down them whenever I feel like it.. I like to run up them fast too.. Mommy makes me slow down, isn't that just like a Mommy??? I just wanted to let all my friends back there at my foster homes know that I miss them, but I'm REALLY REALLY happy here.  Thanks for taking care of me till my forever parents came for me, (and they came to adopt a boy...LOL).  They got me a little girl instead. I knew they we're going to pick me and they knew I was the one, they said it was love at first sight??? Whatever that means..  This will be my first Christmas here and I think I smelled something good in a box under the tree...  Can't wait to find out what it is.  Well, Merry Christmas to all my friends at BHRG in Atlanta.

Hi:  I want to update you on Temple, adopted some months ago. She was renamed Cookie, because she is covered in "chocolate chips!"  She is quite a girl, loads of personality.  Attaching her picture as she attacks a rawhide chewie. She is one of the pack, now, along with Rosie Posie, the basset we adopted from the pound. Rosie had hookworms, roundworms, and heartworms and needed to be spayed. It took several months to get her back to health, when she went from 35 to 51 pounds!  She and Cookie are the best of friends, and often go on "basset patrol" in the back yard,  keeping us safe from invading squirrels or other critters. Thanks and happy holidays.

I adopted Ellie Mae (Ella) in November 2006. There are so many words for how our family feels about her. I love her so much and so does my daughter. She loves to chase the rabbits, squirrels, and any other. Critters that lurk around our home! She has the "run" of the house and loves to sleep on the couch. She loves to be walked so that she can "sniff" out everything in the neighborhood. Everyone knows her where we live so I don't ever have to worry about her getting lost or sneaking off because we have such wonderful neighbors. She loves to be loved and she gives love in return. She loves to go for rides in the pick-up and say "hi" to everyone in our little town when she hangs her head out of the window. She is very loved by her groomer as well. I just want to thank BHRG for giving me the opportunity to welcoming a new "child" hehe, to our home! I also wan to thank "Bones & Bows" for keeping her looking beautiful! Thanks Jenny - you are awesome! My life would be incomplete without Ellie Mae!

We adopted Lulu in June. She has been the greatest addition to our family. Lulu and Jacie (my 4 year old daughter) are inseperable; they sleep together,eat together. My daughter loves her best friend. For almost, 3 months we never heard Lulu bark,  4 months ago she started and it is the most hilarious thing. She chases my daughter down the hall and pulls her down by her pj pants. She loves to ride in the car. We are so thankful to have Lulu, and the adoption experience itself was great. Actually, we are thinking about getting LuLu a friend. Happy holidays from the Haggards.

Hi! I'm Trooper Pirkle, and my BHRG name was Ernest. I was adopted into my forever home Labor Day weekend 2006. My adopted parents say the past year with me made their new house into a home…OUR home. I had the best foster home in the world, and foster siblings I loved, and although it was sad to have to leave Momma Marjorie's house, I have a great life with my Mom and Dad. I go for walks twice a day (I can't wait to get my leash on!), get treats (especially from my softy Mom!), and best of all, I have the undivided cuddles and attention of my people! Who has who trained? Trooper's Mom says: We can't imagine life without our little man. We are so grateful to BHRG, and to Marjorie Holler in particular, in helping to complete our family. Trooper is such an affectionate boy – so gentle with children, and he loves to toss his bone around and run the Basset 500 around our living room! Of course, being a basset, that spurt doesn't last very long, so it's a good thing he has the run of the couches, our bed, and his bed for snoozes. Trooper absolutely lives for rides with Dad (he is a total Daddy's boy), going to Big Trees trail area to sniff everything in sight, and going to the park. He is the protector of any dog park he goes to, running around acting as Playground Policeman for dogs being chased! Good thing he's got that great Basset bark – arrooo arrooo! We look forward to many more years with our sweet boy.

We adopted Rosco (bhrg name Mo) in July of 2006. The past year has been wonderful. He has truly been a great companion. Our other Basset, Duke, has taught his new little brother all of his tricks (and his howl). They both enjoy running laps in the yard, barking at the cat in the neighbor's window and chasing squirrels that run down the fence. Rosco definitely lives up to his name while at the dog park. If you've been to Sweat Mtn Dog Park in Marietta and seen the a little basset hound barking at other dogs that are playing rough, it was probably the new "Park Sheriff" Rosco. Presently, Rosco is enjoying his favorite past-time of sleeping at my feet, under my desk in my home office.

Hi, my name is Sally and I have found my forever home.  My mom and dad were very sad because their 13 year old basset (Bonny Belle) went to the bridge in June; and they didn't think they were ready for another doggie.  Little did they know that when they fell in love with me, I would heal their hearts. I have only been with my new family for a little while, but I feel like I've been here forever.  I walk with my mom in the park every morning and every evening.  I love to sniff everything and can't wait to put my leash on!  I sleep in the bed which is so cozy; and I have a football that holds snacks!  When mom and dad leave the house, I get to roll it around until all the snacks fall out. Mom and Dad even took me to Brewsters for my first taste of ice cream!  Am I spoiled or what?  Mom and Dad cover me with kisses whenever they come in the door, and they have bought me a million new toys.  And I am so lucky, because I get to visit my foster mom sometimes too! Thanks to Bassett Rescue and all of the wonderful volunteers!  Because of all of you, I have a wonderful life. 

WE LOVE OLLIE!  Ollie has been a wonderful addition to our family.  He has converted mommy, a once self proclaimed cat lover, to a bone-a-fide dog lover.  We wondered how a dog would adjust to our household since we have 3 rowdy boys.  But Ollie takes it all in stride.  He either watches or joins in.  We can't imagine our life without Ollie in it.

This is my precious Tucker, adopted from BHRG about 1996. Sadly, he crossed the rainbow bridge on July 27th of this year. He had developed cancer and it had metastasized to the brain. I could not bear to watch the seizures and his suffering. He was our constant companion and best friend. We had weathered storms, hurricanes, and moves together. He was a wonderful precious gift from God, and I had the privilege of providing him with his forever home. He will be missed and there will always be a place in our hearts that has his name written upon it.

Gulliver (rescue name Homer) was chosen by his baby sister, LowLa, to come home with her the minute she laid eyes on him. I cannot imagine our lives without him. He has helped us get through LowLa's first year and been the most wonderful Big Brother we could ever have expected. Gulliver is absolutely the most loving little fellow; he never lets more than 30 minutes go by without taking a break from their puppy games to come back inside and "check" on us. After making sure everything is ok off he goes with a slurp and a promise to be back in a few minutes. No matter how many times LowLa grabs his ears, pulls his tail, or steals his chewy he has never snapped at her. He just wags his tail and starts playing again. Gulli is just happy to have food and water in his bowls, a house where no one hurts him, and most importantly lots of love. When Gulliver came home with us he was scared of just about everything and skin and bones. He has gained weight and is finding more and more courage everyday. Even though he had obviously been mistreated, Gulliver has always trusted us and loved everyone new that he meets. It has been so wonderful to see him come out of his shell and grow stronger and braver everyday…..but mostly being able to be such a warm loving guy after the rough start in life that he had. Our lives are so much brighter with our Gulliver in them. Thanks BHRG for finding our Gulliver!

Hey, I'm Teddy, and I just have to tell you that I have just found the most perfectist forever home you could ever want. This home came with two legged kids and quadrupeds til the cows come home but in just enough doses to make it like a preschool or something. I'm one of the original Sierra's litter of 8 pups that were born on Nov. 4, and we went to the foster home all 9 of us!! We had a great time messing up our foster family and putting them through their paces. They never had puppies before! They would take my brothers and sisters out and we would all play under the trees and play rip up the bushes. We would watch the kids and busses go by. We were pretty well known in the neighborhood. All the community watched us grow up. It was great being the poster pups while we were young. We melted many hearts including our foster Dad. He really was the easiest. But anyway, as we were getting bigger we all started to find forever homes but I got to stay right here. My family had spoiled me so much they couldn't let someone else have to end up with such a smart pup. At least that's what my Mom said. So here I am spoiled with my family of 3 two legged boys, Mom and Dad and Annabelle my older sister. I have straightened her to my ways and we actually have a good time together. And on top of that we have the ferrets in the cage above and foster bassets visiting all the time. Thank you for all that BHRG has done to make me and my family healthy and happy. If it weren't for all your hearts and hands we probably would be ... I don't want to think about it. Certainly not sitting on someone that loves me lap and being played with and taken everywhere with. Many thanks to all!

We arrived Back in Chattanooga safe and sound from the PETsMART adoption in Atlanta. Shelby and my Rat Terrier, Woody, are really getting along. Shelby loves to go to the dog park and walks with me each day in our neighborhood. Thanks to all your organization does!

Hi! My nane is Trudy (BHRG name - Camille). These are my "little humans", Maribee and Libby, and I even have a basset brother, Hogan. I love my new family and the cushy quarters I've been given. They even take us all on trips to the mountains. I also have a nice big fenced-in back yard with some woods to sniff through several times a day. Yes BHRG is wonderful, but there no place like home!

Just wanted to let you know that Sophie is a total delight. We rescued Rufus is April of last year after our beloved Arlo, a red and white basset boy passed away with liver cancer. I never thought that I could love another dog as I did Arlo. Two weeks after Arlo died our vet called and said they had a beautiful basset boy that was approximately 1-2 years old that the owners no longer wanted because he had heartworms and they were not willing to "spend all that money" on a dog. No matter that they had kept him outside all his life in a small wet muddy pen with a barrel for shelter. Well, when my husband and I visited the vet that afternoon and met Rufus (we named him, he didn't even have a name), it was love at first sight. We brought Rufus home and Maggie our 12 year old basset girl (who we adopted from BHRG in 1996) made him feel right at home. However, Maggie was older and had arthritis and really didn't like to play too much with this new, very rambunctious 2 year old. So Rufus just made the best of it and played with us alot but really never had a playmate. But he is such a wonderful uncomplaining noble dog. He was so happy to just have a family who loved him and a warm place to sleep (in our bed usually). But sometimes he seemed sad. Well our sweet Maggie passed away 2 weeks ago and we thought it would be so good for Rufus to have a real play buddy. He was so energetic, we could not play enough, even though his daddy takes him on long walks every morning and evening, he still gets bored.
Well did we ever find a play buddy. Sophie became ours this past Saturday and she fit the bill for a Play Buddy. She is 6 months old and has all the energy it takes to wear out Mr Rufus. They loved each other from the start. She follows Rufus everywhere he goes and he looks out for her. They are inseperable. We couldn' t be happier. Sophie is still working on house training and Rufus is helping her. He seems to know she needs a little help. During the night he goes out with Sophie and me and waits patiently as she sniffs and sniffs taking her own sweet time but finally she gets her business done and they both run and I clap and tell Sophie what a wonderful girl she is and tell Rufus what a big help he is.

Thanks to all of you at Basset Hound Rescue for all the great work you do and for giving us the opportunity to adopt Sophie and give her a forever home.

All his predecessors had been female. Time for a son. There's Barkley one day on the BHRG site, next day at our home. The greatest joy this 8-year-old gentle love brought to us:
  • tickling paw pads that had been walked into a bloody mush,
  • watching him run to you at the sound of your voice when he had been deaf because of ear infections,
  • taking the one who was too weak from starvation even to stand and putting him on a diet because efforts to get him well were too generous,
  • seeing the love in eyes that had been glued shut in their own gook,
  • taking him in your arms to cuddle and wondering what he must have felt when a dear woman he could not see, hear, or respond to took him from the side of a street into her arms and into rescue,
  • having him snuggle up to you in bed as your stroke his soft dry fur and trying to imagine him on the side of the road cold, shivering, wet, homeless, and unable to be aware of anything or anyone around him,
  • watching him welcome a new puppy into the home as if, for the first time, he now knows what it is to be a family man -- a daddy,
  • watching him jump up and down on the bed in the morning to play when you know that an unattended injury from a car accident years ago must have left its painful mark on his spine,
  • knowing that he woke up one morning after being with us for about 3 week and, in an instant, seemed to have concluded, "hey, this must be for real -- I think I'm home!",
  • and finally, knowing that God sent him and me on a journey to each other that was filled with pain and injuries, but -- in the end -- got the two of us together: one injured, sad, sweet, longing basset and one priest who was just waiting for him to come in to his life.
The joy of Rescue is experiencing that unique healing love everyone seeks in life.

Father Pat
Dulcinea (cancer, but its not getting ME down), Lucy (dad calls me Popeye since my last surgery), LuLu (keep all the sickies away from me, I'm healthy), Lollipop (I'm just a pup -- everything working fine), and Barkley ("you want to see pictures of MY little girl?")

Thanks Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia and the sweet woman who found and saved Barkley -- from all six of us!

Merry Christmas and Hello to everyone at Basset Hound Rescue - and a special hello to Stacey, Madison's Foster-Mom! Madison came home to us February '03 and as you can see in this recent picture met her pal, Buddy. Don't be fooled by Maddie's coy demeanor, she definitely rules the roost. Madison entered the household and changed all of our lives for the better. Buddy has a pal to hang out with, chase squirrels, and snooze with in the den. We now know Madison to be the dog who will eat anything if given the opportunity (on occasion we refer to her as the "bird" girl - use your imagination!), will bark at hooting owls in our back yard in the wee hours of the night, and will flop down for a belly rub if you look at her long enough.
Buddy is Maddie's personal trainer and keeps Madison moving on our walks - but only on those days Madison deigns to go on a walk! Maddie is our funny girl and we couldn't imagine life without her.

At the November 06 Basset Bash, my heart was stolen. Who would have thought that my husband would have competition from a 1 year old red & white basset! On that sunny day, Harley (aka Portia) came to her "FOREVER" home.
Although her older sister Droopy was a bit overwhelmed at the party, Droopy jumped at the chance to teach Harley the ropes once we returned home. Harley's foster mother had warned us about the mischievous side, and we continue to be surprised daily with Harley's shenanigans. She has learned numerous acrobatic moves on the sofas and ottoman resulting in routine furniture rearrangements. The entire family (Brian, Kelley, and Droopy) can not imagine our life without the baby. Droopy, who is 6 years old, has new-found youth. Every night is play night in our home. When Droopy and Harley are not chasing each other, they are constantly wrestling and sharing tender moments. Unlike her older sister Droopy, Harley is always vocal about her thoughts and feelings. We are still learning all of Harley's vocabulary. Harley and Droopy shared their first joint vet and grooming visit not long ago. Both were very good patients and supported each other.
Words cannot express the joy that Harley has brought to our home. We don't even remember what life was like pre-Harley. Each day, my husband and I are anxious to return home and see our children. We are so very thankful to BHRG and the foster families. Without these wonderful people, Brian and I would not have had a complete family. We know you will smile as big as we do when looking at our Harley and Droopy. As you can see Harley is no stranger to the camera. Again thank you BHRG!!

Cupcake came into our family in 2005 and it has been wonderful. She is an awesome basset and great with our kids. She learns very quick and now even has her own recliner in our living room. Talking about spoiled rotten! We love BHRG! We talk about them to everyone we know. We try to help in any way we can. Thank you for making a great organization to help basset hounds!

We just wanted to give you an update on Libby. We adopted her on August 12th at the Petco in Roswell. We have given her a new name and her name is “Ollie”. She is an awesome dog. She is completely housebroken and she has really helped our 6 month old basset pup “Norman” with his housetraining. She is so laid back and the most loving dog. She is so tolerant of Norman, who pesters her every waking hour. They get along great and they love to run in the backyard. They also love to share a big bone that we have. Norman gets one end and Ollie gets the other. They are quite comical. She loves to ride in the car and jumps in and grabs her seat before anyone else.

We took her to our vet for a check up on Tuesday and she is great health. Dr. Baker said who ever had her before had taken really good care of her. We are so glad that she has come to live with us. I know who ever she belonged to is really missing her. Thank you Basset Rescue of Georgia for allowing us to share our home with such a wonderful dog.

We adopted Marcus, who we renamed Max - or Max the Moose - back in September 2005 from BHRG. This dog has taken over our home, our hearts, and our lives! After a couple rough weeks where I lost a good pair of high heels, the back of a fabric covered chair, a blanket, and pretty much everything in the yard he could get his mouth around Max settled down and decided rawhides and toys would suffice for his chewing needs! He is the sweetest dog you could ask for, and just wants to please everyone. He has deep soulful eyes which he uses on me to get extra treats or an extra pet every now and then! He loves to lounge in his big sleeping pillow, and he adores playing with his 2 canine sisters, Lulu and Diamond. He and our 7 year old son are as close as could be, and I always say they play just like brothers, wrestling around and having a ball!
Max has settled in so well, and we just couldn't imagine our life without him. He is the classic sweet, lovable clown of a basset, and he is always making us laugh and just brings us so much joy. Thank you for bringing Max into our lives, and for all the wonderful work you do placing bassets with families who will love them for the rest of their lives.

Duke, Daisy, and Kelvin were adopted in 2005 - Duke and Kelvin (the Kelvinator!) came from BHRG, and Daisy came from a rescue in PA. All three seniors are living large in Atlanta, (Kelvin quite large), and enjoy traveling and singing - as you can see. Well, except for Duke, who grumps. That's Duke, Daisy and Kelvin from left to right.

On June 17, 2005, my life changed for the better. That was the day that my future mommy and big sister met me. Mommy was just going to transport me from Macon to her house in Fayetteville, but she fell in love and had to keep me. There are a lot of people who are foster failures, but Mommy was a transport failure. Here's my story:

I'm Stitch. My friend, Lilo, and I were to be used as a breeding pair for a backyard breeder. They kept us out in a filthy, muddy pen with no grass and they never cleaned it, but then BHRG rescued us. Mommy and Layla picked us up in Macon and took us to their house. We were only supposed to stay for the afternoon and then another BHRG person was going to take us home and foster us, but Mommy fell in love.
Mommy begged Daddy to let her try fostering, but he and Layla were afraid that Toby Marie (Layla's dog) would not like me since she didn't like other dogs. Little did they know that Toby Marie would become my first bestest friend. Finally, Daddy said that Mommy could TRY fostering me, but that if Toby Marie didn't accept me then someone else would have to foster me. Of course, Toby and I got along great, and Mommy couldn't possibly let me leave, so she adopted me. Layla and Toby moved out in November and then Mommy became a foster parent. She really loves it 'cause she gets to help homeless hounds find their forever homes. She and Daddy say that I am an am-basset-dor for BHRG because I teach the other hounds how to play and have a good time. Daddy says that I am his dog, but Mommy says that I am hers! They both love me very, very much and they say that the best $200 they ever spent was when they got me. Thank you BHRG for getting me away from the bad people and putting me with my Mommy and Daddy!

My name is Irene and I have found my forever family. I was in foster care for almost a year. Some people said I was too aggressive. I just needed a family who needed just me and let me be myself. As you can see I am as big of a baby as they come. I go everywhere with my family. There's Daddy, Mommy, Ariel and me.
I spend all day relaxing. I need my beauty sleep since I am a senior basset hound. I have full run of the house and a doggie door to go out when I please. I am the Queen of this Castle. I even sleep with my Parents. I am adjusting to the good life quite nicely and my family showers me with kisses. My habits are eating, sleeping, snuggling, sleeping, oh, did I mention sleeping. My family is just as laid back as I am and we seem to like this way. It is still nice when Senior dogs can be adopted like me and have a family to keep me for the rest of my doggie days!

Hi. I’m Lizzie and I wanted to let everybody know what a wonderful home I have. I had a few problems when I came to BHRG: heartworms, dry eye, cataracts and a little bit of Old Timer’s disease. And I barked a lot because I’m so small and I wanted people to notice me. My foster folks welcomed me after heartworm treatment and my new brothers taught me about the huge doggy door. I learned about waiting my turn and about ear scratching and tummy rubs and adoring my people. Here’s my picture, see? I’m smiling!

We went to all the adoption events for many, many car trips but no one paid me any attention, barely even patting my head, so I curled up in a little ball and tried to hide myself. Finally, my foster family decided not to put me in that stressful position anymore and they adopted me! For almost a year now I’ve enjoyed a home and safety and treats, and I finally learned how to play although I can’t understand why my dachshund brother just sits there when I bark in his face telling him to play with me.
Thank you BHRG for taking me in when I needed a helping hand. Thank you foster family for showing me there is still love in the world, even for an old, forgetful houndy like me. Thank you foster brothers for giving me the time and space to become the happy carefree old girl that I am. Aroooooh!

We adopted Marvin in 2003 and had our first child in 2004. We had no idea how Marvin would behave around our son as we never saw him interact with children. We are so happy to report that he is so gentle and kind with our son - we couldn't be happier. It's as if he knows to be gentle whenever our son approaches him and Marvin just happily falls over to his side wagging his tail in anticipation for some hugs and pets. Our son is now a year and a half old and they are the best of friends. They like to sit at the window together and check out what is going on outside. They really enjoy just sitting together hanging out. We are looking forward to years of friendship and companionship with Marvin. :) Thanks BHRG!

We adopted Lucille about three years ago. She is such a wonderful, creative, curious, and loveable basset. She is one of the three bassets we have. I'm so grateful for the foster parents of Lucille and for Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia. Lucille loves to chase rabbits, squirrels and anything that flies. She is the only one that doesn't get into trouble by getting things off the counter tops. She is creative in the way that she asks for treats. She has taught herself how to talk and how to sit up strait when she wants anything. Thank you Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia.

Hello there, my name is Porkchop (it was Kalhoon when the nice person I live with adopted me back in 2002). I just wanted to send you an update on how I am. I live near woods and me and the person I live with take lovely walks in them all the time. In fact, we do all sorts of stuff together. I like to go for rides in the car and camping the most I think. My days are filled with naps, belly rubs, walks, more belly rubs, playing with my toys, and chasing squrriels. I am a very happy dog. Thanks for helping me out BHRG when I needed it!!

We adopted Avery at the end of November 2005. He was a quiet, nervous dog with worms, fleas, two broken teeth and a fear of loud noises and dark shapes. Now, he's bulking up, eating happily (after a little dental work), and is becoming more trusting of humans. He loves running around sniffing scents and playing with other dogs in Piedmont Park every week. He has the run of our home and is very happy with us. Whatever we do, he's very happy to be a part of it, sitting on our laps or by our feet at all times - he'd rather do that than eat! He's very much a family member, and everyone who has met him has fallen for him. Even my friend who's wary of dogs said he was the lovliest dog she'd ever seen!

My name is Winston. I was adopted a year ago this past summer. My mom and dad already had another basset, Flash, at home when they came to see me. Mom went up to the adoption site just to "look" at the other bassets. See she thought that she really didn't need another...but I knew better. When she saw me, she fell in love. What can I say? I'm a good lookin' man!
I must say I wasn't in very good shape at the time but Mom, Dad, Flash, and lots of love took care of that. I went from 34 pounds to 60 in no time flat. My hair was horrible with spots missing and my nails were brittle at the time. Now I am sporting a shiny new coat, and my nails are back to the original hardest substance known to man. My mom gave up on cutting them a few months back so now me and my sister, Flash, go to have our pedicures about once a month. The person that found me said I was tied up to a machine outside of an abandoned gas station. It was a very sad state of affairs. Since I was left outside for so long with no love, I am now afraid of lightning storms. Mom and Dad cuddle with me when I am scared now . Flash just looks at me like I'm crazy. Most of the time now I spend working on my snoring technique, hiding bones in the backyard, sneaking naps on the couch, and playing with my sister. Thanks BHRG for making sure I found the loving home I deserved!

Just wanted to share how Reagan (adopted August 2004) is doing. As you can see, he loves being an indoor dog, sleeping on all the furniture, including mom's cream velvet chair! But one look at those sweet eyes and we let him go anywhere! He has gained weight from being the skinny boy that was found tied up at a Kroger (who could do that?); he is now about 45 pounds. Very healthy though, all the neighbors ask how we got a basset that isn't overweight! But our other four-legged child, Rufus (basset/shepard mix) takes the overweight role, he eats everything in sight and Reagan gets very few extras. Mom & Dad have to guard Reagan's food bowl while he eats! Reagan is as sweet as he can be, loves everyone (sit down and he is in your lap)! One of his favorites is his two-legged cousin Jack, who loves his "Ray-ray" very much. Reagan has also accepted his newest brother (two-legged) who showed up in May 2005. Baby Ryan loves his puppies, and already wants to pet them! Thanks to BHRG for bringing Reagan into our lives!

My old Oreo went to the bridge recently after some 20 years on this Earth. When rescued by BHRG, he was blind, flea ridden, and heartworm positive. When I adopted him in 1999, we all figured he might have a few years left. Those years turned into quite a few years. Thank you BHRG.

My husband and I adopted LillyAnn (red & white) in March of 04' after she recovered from heartworm treatment. She is a joy to have as a part of our lives! She is the sweetest dog; I can't imagine anyone EVER letting her go, but now that we have her, she is here to stay! We already had a Basset named Savannah(tri-color) and she was so happy to get a new friend. They love each other as you can tell by the photo. Thank You BHRG, for not giving up on this precious girl!

We adopted Maple(formerly known as Gladys) one year ago. It was a long drive down to Perimeter Mall to pick her up, but that has to be one of the best days of our lives! She came into our lives somewhere between 6 & 8 weeks old, weighing 11 lbs and so small she couldn't fill up a lap! Here we are one year later with a crazy 45 lb Beasset Hound, Basset-Beagle mix!
Maple is spoiled rotten, with her own stairs to "our" bed, her own pillow at the foot of the bed that she will not go to sleep without, and the love of our entire family. My sisters and parents argue over who get's to Maple sit when we go out of town.She's learned that at Nana and Papa's she gets to sleep on the bed, and Papa make "special suppers", so if we ask if she wants to go to Nana & Papa's she starts to cry and goes to the door. She definitely has a wild streak, and a penchant for electrical wires! Maple keeps us on our toes and has provided countless hours of entertainment and undying love. We have the Basset 500 nightly around here, and we play drag o war instead of tug o war, we are her keepers of bones and greenies, and the givers of belly rubs and the receivers of welcome home kisses!

Hello, my name is Emily. I was adopted in August of 2004. I first want to thank Lisa for helping me find my new home, she knows me as Sally. I have an abnormal thirst for water which makes me a rare dog; I was the specialist’s first case. This makes me have to go out every half an hour, so I was fortunate that Lisa found me a great home who doesn’t mind my need for the great outdoors. I also want to thank Rebecca for being such a great foster mom and taking really good care of me until I went to my forever home. I have a great new family, who takes care of me and changed my name to Emily Rose; they also call me Ms. Barkity-Bark.
My four-legged brother, Max, and I bonded instantly, but my four-legged sister, Chelsea, is still the boss. I am very social and I like to try to make friends outside, but I love that I am an indoor dog and can cuddle with my mom and human sister. By the way did I mention my human sister is wrapped around my finger, all I have to do is bark, and she does whatever I want? In fact, I once got a whole shelf of treats, but now I have lost my girlie figure. I do love to eat, and when my bowl is empty, I just take it to my mom and she gives me more. Now, she is tricking me with non-fat, no calorie ice cube “treats”. I love my new family, and they just got me a new four-legged sister, Molly. She and I both have long ears. I am very happy in my new home!
Hi! My name is Molly Anna, formerly known as Brandy, and I was adopted in November of 2004. I would like to thank Michelle for finding me my new home and transporting me here. Mommy doesn’t understand why someone put me out in the streets because I am a very sweet girl, but she says their loss is her gain. It rained the first week that I was here, and when mommy let me outside I hid underneath the sliding board. I stayed underneath the board, because I didn’t realize I could come in, and my mom had to come out and get me. I stole my mommy’s heart that day, and now I don’t even go out when it is raining. Why get wet when you don’t have to?
I gained 10lbs in the first month. I still dump my food dish, because I cannot eat out of the bowl. I love remote controls, even more so than my dad does. I have eaten three; they taste really good! If you want me to do something, you better have a treat. I enjoy Beggin’ Strips, ice cubes, and pepperoni treats, but my favorite is Tiny Bones. Please do not leave the trash can out, because I will get into trouble. I am nicknamed the Nibbler; I will nibble on everything including you if I want your attention. I am a true basset hound unlike my sister, Emily Rose, I run the show! If you have a lap, I will sit on it. I love my forever home!
Note from my mom: Basset Hound Rescue is a wonderful organization. Thank you for my new daughters, Emily and Molly.

How could anyone have ever been mean to my little BoBo (Bocelli)? It took him two weeks to not be afraid of the dark anymore. He has gained about 3-4 pounds, and now has a few basset "rolls" on his body...no more ribs sticking out. He has his own recliner, but he prefers my off-white brocade couch. He sings when you hug him or rub his neck. He sleeps with his sister, Ouisa Belle, in between us in bed every night.

I adopted this wonderful dog on December 6, 2003, and what a blessing this dog is to my life. He has a big personality with a gentle demeanor. Satchel has been everything a dog could be to his human, but most of all he's family! I had some doubts it the very beginning that had nothing to do with Satchel's behavior - I was so stressed during my first month of taking care of him. But because of many wise words of encouragement from the foster mom and the people at BHRG, I was able to overcome my self-imposed stress and began discovering the awesome dog that was now in my life. Very soon, Satchel and I became like peas and carrots, and it's never been the same since.

Some of his favorite things to do are to go on hikes, take long sun shine naps, and socializing at softball games - but most of all he loves Jeep rides to the neighborhood Dairy Queen. Satchel's made an impression on every one he meets and people just fall in love. He even went on a business trip with me and was in a photo shoot with human models. You should have seen the way we worked that set! We're a walking billboard for this rescue organization... we just have to pass along our story! All I have to say is, "What a dog!"

Hi my name is Annie. I was adopted by my mom and dad in February, and they just love me. They tell me all the time that I am their little princess, and you can see I even have a crown! I am the only dog at their house which is fine with me because I get all the attention. Everywhere I go people stop to tell me how pretty I am. My mom and dad can tell I used to be around children because I love to play with the neighbor kids. Thanks Georgia Basset Hound Rescue. We are one happy family now!

My name is Goldie or GoGo. In August, 2004 I moved in with my mom and my brothers, Jackson & Smokey (adopted from BHRG on January 1, 2004). Mom pretended I was a foster dog until October, 2004, then she made it legal and adopted me. I came to live with my mom after BHRG called her and asked her to take me because I look a lot like a larger red/gold and white version of my black and white brothers. I am so glad BHRG found me and sent me to my forever home. How did they know that my brothers had been anxiously awaiting my arrival? All I know is from the minute I walked in the door, Jackson, Smokey and I became the Wild Bunch.
We loved each other from the very first. Jackson and I liked to nap together and Smokey and I especially love to play and run around the backyard in circles. Since we are basset mixes my mom doesnt call our game the Basset 500, she calls it NASDOG. It sure is fun. Mom thinks things were a little rough in the beginning because I was a tad on the wild (bad) side and my mom was beginning to wonder what she had gotten herself into. But all I had to do was show her how SWEET I can be and she would forgive me for whatever wrongdoing she accused me of. I still don't know how she knew I was the one who cleaned off the kitchen counters and took dishes out of the sink. I didnt mean to drop and break those things. Also, I tried to eat that entire bag cereal that I spread all over the kitchen floor so she wouldn't have to clean it up. Plus I even shared those 48 cheese crackers I stole with my brothers. OK, so I ate seven 6-packs without unwrapping them and they had to share one, but I did let them have some. I was just trying to be a nice sister. I jumped and walked with my two front feet up in the air so much, my mom started calling me GoGo Dancer. Now she just calls me GoGo. Finally, my mom sent me to stay with a very nice dog trainer (Kate Jackson at Jabula Dog Academy) for a week and I came home a new dog. Now my mom tells me what a good girl I am and gives me treats so often that I dont have to take things off the kitchen counters any more.
Mom says she knows exactly why I came into her life. It turns out I was meant to be here to help mom and Smokey through some very, very sad times. My brother Jackson started feeling bad around Thanksgiving and had to go to the vet lots of times. Finally, in January we found out Jackson had cancer. I helped take care of him when he was sick and let him sleep in my crate and my favorite chair if he wanted to. Jackson went to the bridge on April 15, 2005 after trying very hard to beat the cancer. My mom knows Smokey especially needs me now. Im working hard at loving mom to keep her from being sad and Im playing with Smokey all the time. I think I have helped a little. We all miss Jackson, but my mom says having me in her life now seems like a miracle. Thanks BHRG for sending me to my mom. My mom and Smokey say thanks too!

Adrianne (she’s the red & white ox in the picture) came into our lives almost a year ago, and has helped heal our aching hearts. We have always been owned by multiple bassets, but when one makes their trip to the Bridge, the emptiness is still the same. It’s funny, how sometimes fate can step in and work its wonders. I knew Adrianne’s foster mom, and when Adrianne first came into BHRG in October of 2003, Stephanie had mentioned Adrianne would be perfect for our family. I was looking for another houndie to train in agility. As fate would have it, my local rescue took in a 6 week old puppy named Buford (who is pictured with Adrianne), and we ended up fostering and then foster failing on him. He was the fourth basset member of our family.

In April of 2004, Duchess, our special daddy’s girl became ill, and sadly, made her trip to the Bridge later that month. Our hearts were broken, and our house felt empty without her. A big piece of us was missing. It hit my husband Jackson particularly hard, because Duchess was a special “daddy’s girl” At that time, we were content with three, and not looking to adopt. I learned a month later that Adrianne was returned by her adopters for a variety of reasons. Stephanie took a chance and contacted me again. Adrianne had been adopted out twice, returned twice. She wanted to make sure the “third time was a charm” and Adrianne would finally find her forever home. I told her I would check with my husband, but highly doubted he was ready to adopt again. Imagine my surprise when I told him Adrianne’s story, asked, and he replied “if she needs a forever home, than she can come here”.

And come here she did. In June of 2004, thanks to the wonderful BHRG volunteers and some of my special friends, Adrianne packed up her bags and moved north to Rochester, NY. Buford & I met her in Harrisburg, PA. She was finally on her way home. Adrianne & Buford became fast friends (and partners in crime). Their nicknames are Satan, and Satan’s sister. Yes, Adrianne DOES get into the garbage (even when it is fortified behind a baby gate, kitchen tables, and chairs!), chase my cats (it’s all in fun of course) and counter cruise something fierce. But-she fits into my pack well, and we wouldn’t have her any other way.

It’s funny what happens when fate steps in and has its way with people. When we met Adrianne, we were shocked at the strong resemblance she had to our Duchess (ATB). She is tall and goofy, just like Duchess was, and amazingly, does some of the same little quirky things Duchess did (that none of my other dogs do!). She is very much like I imagined my Duch to be when she was a young, bratty kid. Don’t get me wrong-Adrianne is her own, sweet, unique self, but I have no doubt Duchess had her way with fate, and made sure we had another goofy basset girl to help ease our aching hearts.
We were so lucky to meet Luke and when we were told that we could adopt him, we were just so happy. We cannot think of any reason why he and his brother were homelees because he is the most beautiful dog. He lives in our family with our other basset, Lady, who is 13 months old, and with our daughter, Kristina, who is 12 years old, and my husband and me, and our guinea pig, Molly. Luke and Lady just fell in love when they met, and we just fell in love with Luke when we saw him the day before. It was like it was meant to be because we were not out looking for a basset to adopt and then suddenly we met Luke and his foster mom! How could we do anything else than take Lady to see him? Now they are like a married couple. Thank you very much for Luke. Best regards The Bach Family.

My name is Zoe, aka..Woo Woo, Zo Zo, Zoe Doo I was adopted 2 years ago when I was just 10 weeks old. I live in Orlando, Florida now with my Mommy, Daddy and my older Sissy, Gracie. My favorite things to do are play with my sissy, lay in the sun, lay on the couch, & lay in my Daddy's chair when he gets up from it (move your feet loose your seat! ) - and, oh yeah, SING. I love to sing so much, I think I'll get into the American Idol contest! I'm sure I'll win paws down! My Mommy & Daddy tell me all the time that I am a blessing from GOD, 'cause I bring such joy to them. It must be true, 'cause every time I go for a car ride (and I sing there too!) and look out the window at other people they smile! Thank you BHRG for giving me a great home and a wonderful family! A special helloooooo to my foster parents!

I'm Lumpy, a.k.a Patton when I was cared for by BHRG and my foster mom, Sandy. On 1/16/05, my mommy and daddy, David and Heather Adams adopted me at the BHRG Day at the Buckhead PETsMART. I now have two nice homes. I have a townhome in Smyrna on a lake with lots of steps, a park, geese and ducks, and miles of sidewalks, and two sisters who are cats. My sisters and I play a game called "hard to get". I ignore them and they ignore me. My mommy and daddy like it that way, though. My other home is a cabin in the woods in the north Georgia mountains. Up there, I have a big yard to explore next to a noisy creek. During the week, I stay with my daddy in the cabin and go to work with him everyday at his construction project where I bark at all the workers. They've adopted me too - as the project mascot and call me funny names like "Flash" and "Lightning". Sometimes, I go to lunch with my daddy and we stop at McDonald's where I get my own Happy Meal. I had trouble getting in and out of the car at first because of my arthritis, but my daddy gives me bioflex and baby aspirin wrapped in cheese twice a day and I'm much better. Sometimes I use a ramp to get into the Jeep, and sometimes I just get in all by myself. I love to ride in daddy's Jeep too because I have a big, soft bed and daddy keeps a stash of treats under his seat. We stop for coffee and milk bones on our trips too - at the Race Trac in Ellijay.
I don't worry about finding a soft place to sleep anymore because besides my Jeep bed, I have 4 other beds. One's in my daddy's office, one is in the cabin, and two are in my townhome. I don't have many accidents in the house anymore as I know to go to the door and bark when I have to go out and potty. I took my first trip to the "Basset Barbershop" on a Saturday. The girls at the shop told my daddy they were not going to give me back to him. I guess they liked me. I'm eating better and I get brown rice and grated cheese with my kibble. I want to beef up a bit before I go to my new vet, Dr. Ann Mayberry-Welch, at the end of the month. The only place I can't go with my daddy is when he has Georgia National Guard drill. My daddy says my legs are too short to salute and, besides, the U.S. Army already has a mascot. So, I just wanted everyone at the BHRG to know that I'm very happy and love my new life. I know my mommy and daddy love me too because they keep calling me their "big, beautiful, bodacious, Basset boy". They promised me that, someday, I can have a playmate and companion that they'll adopt from the BHRG too- just like me.

Hi my name is Big Buford (pictured left), and I was rescued by BHRG in December of 2000 when I was known as Roosevelt. I was a stray walking the streets of Atlanta, and the local animal control was going to put me to sleep. Thankfully BHRG came and got me the day before I was scheduled to be put down! Whew, it was close. Anyways, I was only in foster care for 3 days and I took a trip to PETsMART for an adoption day and thats when I met my mommy and daddy. They fell in love with me at first sight! They couldn't wait to take me home because they had driven a long way to find a special basset.
Well, I went home with my new parents the next weekend (I had to be neutered first) and met my big sister. And when I say "big", I mean it. She's a German Shepherd dog. Well we were best buds immediately and played until we couldn't play anymore. We were a happy family. Then my parents found a stray, and she was a chihuahua named Midgie, and we just had to keep her. She fit in great! Well, we moved back home to Kentucky and mom and dad kept finding strays and then they started fostering for the local humane society (over 50 dogs saved and rehomed so far). I just love meeting the new foster dogs and one day a very special foster dog came home with us and she was a pretty basset. Well, my parents thought she was so special; I once again had another sister. How lucky am I to have three sisters and two parents to love me. I even now live on a farm and get to sniff all kinds of cool stuff! But my favorite thing to do is lay on the couch with my mommy and get all the attention! Thanks BHRG for finding me the best family ever!

As you can tell, I sleep wherever I want....just like any basset should! My mommy adpoted me, Emmaline, on St. Patrick's Day 2000 because she was lonely. To her surprise, she met my daddy the very next weekend! At first, daddy didn't think I was a real dog because I didn't fetch and all I did was sleep...but I showed him what life was all about! My parents seem to take in the lonely...After the 3 of us had been together about a year, I got a lab/rottweiller sister, and we get along great. She taught me how to drink out of the toilet and I taught Sambuca how to sleep on the couch. She is the biggest wannabe you have ever seen! We have a cat sister, too. She doesn't give us much trouble. The best is when we go to Georgia (we live in Florida) to see grandma and grandpa. They have 3 bassets and a wannabe! Can you imagine dinnertime with the 6 of us? Well, just wanted to check in and let you know that all was going great! Mom keeps checking the BHRG and Suncoast websites....I wonder if we will have another sister?

My name is is Dexter, my forever family adopted me on Thanksgiving, and I have died and gone to heaven! My two legged sister and dad saw my picture and fell in love at first sight,but had to get the thumbs up from mommie. She really didn't want to because she just had her beloved poodle stolen and was completly heartbroken. But like I said,momie has a tough telling sissy no! :) Mommie told Sissy we would try, but if wasn't working, I would have to go back. When first saw Sissy, I knew I was never leaving! My mom, well I knew I would have to win her over.When I first came here, Mom said I looked a liitle tired and sad, and my ears where in pretty bad shape. But being the animal lover she is, she made a point of being nice to me. Now she can't enough of me! Don't tell her, as much as I love her, I love Sissy more! Sissy takes me for walks and loves on me all the time.
I have made a few doggie friends,and they come over to play me with all the time, and sometimes Mommie let's them stay the night with me. I've taken over all the pillows, blankets, Mommie's side of the bed, and she dosen't seem to mind. The only time she gets mad at me is when she is sleeping during the day (cuz she works nights), I'll decide I have to have the pillow she is using, and I will stand there whining and barking until she bops me on my head with MY PILLOW... not hard at all, and I get my pillow. My mommie told me that her heart doesn't so bad anymore since I came. SHE LOVES ME! The only complaint I have here is taking my medicine, but I get a really good treat for taking it! MY mom works in a resturant and she usally brings some awesome treats for me. When she doesn't, I'll give the sad eyes treatment all day so she'll double the goodies next time! I love my Family, and I know they love me too. They show me and tell me how much they love me everyday! THANK YOU SO MUCH BHRG FOR EVERYTHING! I HAVE FOUND MY HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

So it took me awhile to finally sit down and write to you about Stella. At first I hesitated because I thought I would have plenty of time. Then I waited because it was so hard. The first time I saw Stella on the BHRG web site, I fell in love. I got Stella April 17, 2004. It was the happiest day of my life. I brought her home and at first she was a little hesitant to warm up to my other dog Merkery. After she figured out he wasn't going anywhere, they got along fine. Even though Merk was a much younger dog than Stella, they would still run around the apartment and play. Her favorite room was the kitchen, and she adored sleeping on the bed...even though she couldn't get up there without some assistance.
At the beginning of June we moved from GA to TX. The trip was pretty long for Stella, but she spent most of it napping. When we finally reached TX, she was thrilled. We had an actual home to live in...no more apartment steps to go up and down...and now we had a big back yard. She loved going outside to sunbathe in the wonderful TX sun and would give a scratch at the door to be let in...she was such a princess. Sometime in August she was diagnosed with mouth cancer...and it was malignant. But you could never tell Stella was sick. She still stalked me when I headed toward the kitchen, greeted me lovingly at the door, and cuddled up next to me at night. Unfortunately, in the middle of November she lost her battle with cancer. She stopped eating...that's when I knew something was really wrong...and she no longer moved around to much. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life...but I couldn't stand seeing her in so much pain. Even though I only had her for seven months, she made those seven months the greatest. I just wanted to thank the BHRG so much for bringing Stella into my life.

I am sending you a picture of our wonderful basset "Tucker". He was known with you as Big Boy. Since adopting him over 4 years ago, we have relocated to the panhandle area of Florida. He loves the warm climate, loves to run in the sand, chase waves (and chased the seagulls and little crabs on the beach). He never meets a stranger and loves to stop to "chat" with everyone. He is about 7-8 years old now, and weighs in at 70 pounds. He still thinks he is a lap dog. He is a total member of the family, and the best thing that ever happened to us. Thank you again.

My wife and I adopted Maizy from you around March. She has really blossomed into a wonderful companion. My wife and I feel our home is full again. Around here she is also known as "Couch Potato".

I'm Coral, and I have a story to tell you! First, I want to thank my foster family for taking such good care of me. I love you!

In October 2004, I was adopted by my forever family. This includes not only Mom and Dad, but Megan (she's in the picture with me) and three horses, five cats, and two birds!! I have a big cushy dog bed that Mom bought after watching me squeeze into an equally cushy, but much smaller cat bed! Because I'm so long in the torso, I have a hard time getting into the SUV (the car floor and running boards are so close together and I just don't bend like that). So Dad built me a ramp to walk up into the back area. I have my own little apartment there when we travel. When I get out, the ramp is like a slide...wheeeeeeee! I sing with Dad whenever he asks...ah-ooooooooooooo! We are better than Brooks and Dunn, I think. I like to start singing with Dad, then when Mom and Megan join in, I just stop and watch all three of them. Boy, are they silly, howling like that!!! Ah, my work here is done!! I love to go for walks and to run with Megan in the yard too. I'm very good, and know that I can sit on the couches, but not the beds. I can sit, and I'm learning to shake and stay. Hide and seek is my favorite game. I haven't figured out how to play with toys yet, but my family keeps trying. It's really more fun just to watch them throw the ball, then go get it themselves. Tee hee...who says I don't know how to play?? I still bark at the indoor cats, but they always start it!!! I just want to say hi, and they swat and hiss at me. Oh, well...they'll figure out that I'm a smooshy peach of a pup, and they'll love me too, I just know it!

I just wanted to let you all know that I'm a very content Basset...this is the life!!!

My name is Beulah, and I want to thank BHRG for helping me find my family. I adopted them really, they didn't know it at the time but I targeted them for myself one adoption day. When I laid on the cute sad Basset eyes and the wagging tail, they were tagged hook, line and sinker. My foster mom took me to my forever home and I set to playing with my new brother (he's a Basset wanna be Beagle). I had a set back though three months after I was settled into my forever home, I had to have emergency back surgery for a slipped disk. The vet said I wouldn't walk again, but with the help of my parents, my brother who never left my side and my stubborn Basset self, I showed that vet what a Basset can do. I walk just fine now, you would never know that I had a problem, and I can still take my brother's toys. Again, thank you BHRG, I'm now a truly spoiled Basset and loving it!!!

We were adopted by the Bray’s about 8 months apart. I, Jackson (aka Bojangles), was the first. I must say I came in tiptop shape and with plenty of energy. On the other hand Dorey came with tattered clothing and very malnourished. She had heartworms and we even found a pellet where someone had shot her. Dorey had just been rescued so we fostered her until she was well enough to be adopted. We welcomed her, and I shared my toys and food with her. She got rid of those nasty worms, got a completely new coat with rich coloring, and she says that this is the happiest time of her life. If y’all ever get to the coast stop and say hi. Thank you BHRG for caring.

We adopted Cinnamon (center) in November 2003, when our Golden Retriever died of old age. Our basset, Oscar (right), was so lonely, and we wanted to get another basset. We saw Cinnamon, and began talking with Sheri through e-mail. She made arrangements for us to meet Cinnamon at the adoption event in Buckhead 4 and a half hours north of our home. She was been an absolute blessing to our family. She has grown and flourished into a beautful loving basset. This past summer in 2004, we decided we wanted to help the needy bassets more, so we decided to foster. Our first foster, Libby (left), won our hearts from the first day. We just couldn't bare to part with her. She loves her basset sister and brother. Since we have no children, our bassets are our children. We love them so much and will continue to help Basset Hound Resuce in any way possible. Volunteering with BHRG has been the best thing we could have ever done. It is the most rewarding gift anyone can give. God Bless the long-earred angels and all that BHRG does. [libby,

Hi, we're Sage, Clover, & Dudley, and we're just checkin' in to say we are lovin' life out here with our dad at the Basset Ranch! Life's good here on our leather couch and our dog beds. Dud-man is beautiful in his old age as are Sage and Clover. We're all a wonderful influence in Dad's life even though we're getting up in years. Dudley is such a happy little man, and Sage and Clover are also doing remarkably well.

Hi, my name is Yogi. I was adopted in January of 2004! Some of the other dogs change their names (to protect the innocent) when they get adopted, but my new family said that I couldn't do anything that I should hide and Yogi was a perfect name for me. I have really settled into "my" new domain. Yes, I rule the world here! I sleep on the chairs and the sofas! I eat all the bones I can find, and I even eat some of my human brother's stuff too. This makes him a little angry sometimes, but I try to explain that he has 100 match box cars and he should share. I'm trying to curb my love of plastic pieces, but it's really hard. The phone antenna was really chewy. Most of the time though I'm really a good boy. I love to snuggle and watch tv. Recently I have been teaching my new foster brother, Clyde, the ropes...how to get into the flower beds...the sunny spot in the back yard...how to get more treats! I'm teaching him everything except where I hide my bones! A dog has to keep some secrets. One of the neighborhood dogs asked me the other day what I thought we should do for world peace? I told him we need to find a home as nice as mine for all the other sad basset hounds. If everyone had a basset hound like me they could never be sad or mad! Just look at my face! [yogi]

[bella] We adopted our sweet Bella in May and, boy, are we glad we did. She is the sweetest little thing (38 pounds now) and has loved her 4-legged brother, Boingo (a Viszla), from the start. As you can see from the picture, they are very comfortable together. Their favorite game is "perimeter" where they run around the house chasing each other. They have never had a cross word. She had a little trouble getting into the housebreaking thing (which is why she was on a training leash), but she's much better now and hasn't had an accident in a couple of weeks. The leash has been put away and saved for walks around the neighborhood. We love this little girl and are so glad we saw The Slobber Sling and Waddle at the Inman Park Parade. Thanks so much for allowing her into our lives.

It’s us, Jackson & Smokey, the basset hound/pointer brothers (also known as the bassointers, the bointers, the basset/bird dogs, the skateboards, the bookends (because of our opposite black eyes) etc. etc. etc.). Since we arrived at BHRG several weeks apart, no one knows for sure if we are really brothers or not, but someone told our new mom that we either had to be from the same litter or the same science experiment! Whether we are brothers or not, we sure are glad we found one mom to love us both. Since we really aren’t that bassety looking, we really do appreciate BHRG taking us in and caring for us until our mom was ready to bring us to our forever home. We had the best foster parents, Nicole & Chip, and we especially want to thank them for the many months of hospitality they provided. The best thing is that we still get to see them. We love it when they come for a visit and sometimes they even bring their furkids for a play date.

On New Year’s Day 2004 we moved in with our mom. She really needed us because her beloved basset, Mellie, died just a few days before she got us. The night Mellie died mom told us she saw our pictures on the BHRG website and we made her laugh so she knew immediately we were meant for her. All it took was a few emails to some BHRG volunteers and then she was in touch with our foster mom. Once our mom heard how great we are she was all set to bring us to our forever home.
We are both pretty active boys but we also are champion snugglers, so when our mom gets sad about Mellie, we just snuggle real close until she feels better. We don’t mind one bit. There are several great things about life with mom in our new home. First, we have a dog door that leads onto our own screen porch, then out into our fenced backyard. We patrol the perimeter regularly to make sure everything is safe. Then inside, in our upstairs bedroom the windows are down real low so it is very easy to keep watch over the neighborhood. You wouldn’t believe how fast we can make it from upstairs to the backyard when something needs to be investigated immediately. The food here is pretty good too. We get lots of Frosty Paws and other good treats to eat. I (Smokey) always like to enjoy my treats outside so I head straight out the dog door with them, but Jackson likes to enjoy his in his chair in the family room. Our mom also takes us to Camp Woof, our doggie day care place, where we play really hard then sleep and sleep when we get home. Recently, we have started taking mom to obedience classes. So far, she is doing pretty well. In short, life is good. Thanks again BHRG for making us and our mom very, very happy.

[lily] Hi! I'm Loki (aka Lily) Delk, and it's almost my first birthday so I thought it was time for me to check in and let everyone know how I am doing! I have been in my forever home for almost 10 months now and seems as if I have always been here. Mom and Dad had been looking for a puppy to spoil rotten for quite some time and I am sure glad they found me. My four-legged mom's name was Lucy Beth. She was a grown up puppy that was rescued by BHRG and little did they know that me and my brothers were waiting inside! We think that my four-legged daddy is a yellow lab, so I guess that makes me a mutt, but mom and dad think that I am the cutest puppy. I just graduated from puppy school and must say that I was the best puppy in my class! I made friends with a Great Dane puppy named Gandhi! Mom and Dad thought it was funny that I didn't realize how much bigger she was than me, but I kept telling them that I was older so I needed to show her the ropes. Here is a picture of me and Mom on my graduation day. I didn't want to wear the cap but did it so Dad could get a good picture. I am happy to report that Mom and Dad fenced-in my back yard so that I can run around all day and play. I have lots of kids in the neighborhood to play with and I love giving everyone kisses. My foster mom, Menzie, said that I was very adventurous and she was right! I have yet to meet a stranger. I just wanted to tell everyone "hi" and I am looking forward to seeing all of my brothers and foster parents at this years Basset Bash!

I wanted to everyone an update on Boo. To celebrate his addtion to our family and to ease his transition, we have changed his name only slightly. We now call him Beau. The first night home, he made himself @ home in my bed. Not only in my bed, but on my side of the bed. Being such a large dog, I could not move him. My other basset, Lilly, had to sleep next to her new brother. So that first night, I had two basset hounds in my not so large bed.
We noticed right away, that it would be a delicate transition into our home. Beau has met Buddy Monroe (Ginger's basset) & we have become dog walking buddies. We have not yet visited the dog park; however. He did not do so well on his first trip to PETsMART and became frightened and slipped out of his color. When he arrived he would not carry his tail up nor wag his tail. I am happy to report that not only does he carry his tail up but he wags when we greet him. He becomes very very excited when he knows that we are going for a walk. Today he decided to take a nap on the top of my antique marble table. He tries to play with the cats but they are a bit overwhelmed by his size. Additionally, I am very happy to report that he is now vocalizing in play and when he hears someone approaching the door. He scared the pizza delivery man with his very very big bark. The delivery man was certain that we must have had a "ten foot tall dog". [boo]
I detect no discernable bad habits from his life while on the streets and he has acclimated so well into our home, that I have decided that I have room for a sister. Thank you for allowing Beau (fka as Boo) into our home.

[hermione] I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much we have enjoyed our Basset Hound named Hermione.She has been with us since July, 2003, and she is an absolute joy! Her patient, cheerful, even-tempered personality fits in perfectly with our family. She especially loves the tummy rubs that she gets from the kids, and she snuggles up in bed with my husband and me every night. Hermione has visited my kids' elementary school, and she delighted in being the center of attention. Everywhere we go with her people want to pet her, and she is patient and gentle with even the smallest child. We always say that she doesn't just wag her tail, she "waggles" because she's so happy that her whole back end goes back and forth! She and our cat sometimes snuggle up together, too.

Thank you, BHRG, for giving us this wonderful member of our family. She is blest to have us, but we are more blest to have her. We also thank Mr. Steve Nunan who fostered Hermione in his home until chance brought her to us.

Just a note to let you know Henry (aka Marlin) has fit right in to our home and Walter (a rescue from 2002) is really enjoying his new playmate....there have been no problems between the two of them other than Mom and Dad don't have enough hands to scratch them or arms to hug them...We've only had Henry since March 27th, but he has wormed his way into our hearts already. We will send periodic updates but we wanted to say thanks for all the work you do. Henry is our fourth rescue from BHRG, and we are completely smitten with the breed. I've attached pictures of Henry and Walter. [marlin

Hi there, I’m Charlie. I was adopted about two years ago by humans who had never lived with a dog before! I trained them quickly…lots of doggy beds, and all the furniture in the house is mine, but for those two new green couches. (The humans have no idea that I sit on them all day long when they are out of the house). I love my forever home. I follow my mom around all day long, no matter where she is, even the bathroom, unless of course my dad is in the kitchen getting food, then I know I’m going to be treated to something good. When I’m not getting belly rubs, I can lay outside in the sun all day long with my new doggy door and “outside” bed..
[charlie] The humans have made a few mistakes, though. Once, they tried to cut my toe nails, can you imagine that? Of course, I didn’t let them. I go to a professional now. Then, they took me to a doctor, two times, who cut me up and removed something called a “lump.” They made me wear a cone around my head, the indignity! Well, I didn’t let it bother me, and I managed to ram my way through the dog door even with that thing around my head. Oh yeah, and occasionally I go on “vacation” to my grandparents in Alpharetta where I get walked and fed constantly.
Thanks BHRG for bringing us together. Adopting Charlie was one of the best decisions we ever made. He has brought so much joy into our lives and has opened our mind and hearts to the animal world. One of his lumps was malignant, but he has been fine for a year now, so we are hoping that the episode is over for a long time. We just love the way that Charlie helps us realize that the little things are not so important. We love having another soul in the house – he fills the house with his presence. We just love his strong will… sometimes its difficult to discipline him for stealing food off the counter, when inside I’m really proud that he had the tenacity to go after what he wanted! At first, he seemed somewhat anti-social around other animals, but I think over time Charlie is understanding more what it means to play and have other dog-friends. We think that your organization is doing a wonderful job…we may be back in the future for a sibling for Charlie!

Greetings and Salutations! I'm Charlie but you might remember me as Bartow. I was dropped off at the shelter by my owner for killing a cat. I don't know why they would say something like that because I get along great with all the cats I meet. In fact, my new family has a cat named Chewy. Anyways, if it weren't for my wonderful foster parents and BHRG, I wouldn't be with my new loving family today. They rescued me just days before being put down. Nowadays, I spend a lot of time playing "Chase the Willy Dog" with my new little brother, Willy (It's his favorite game), while the cat just sits and watches us and on nice days, we go to the park. Can you believe my new family wanted me so much they followed us on a 30-minute ride to the adoption location? They love me so much and I love them. I get so many hugs and kisses from my two-legged sister and my mommy and daddy. I've only been here for two weeks but I'm so happy and having so much fun. It feels like this has been my home all along. Thank you BHRG for finding me and getting me a great new home. [bartow]

[copper] My name is Copper, and I’m about 2 ½ years old. I had a pretty unhappy life up until about a year ago. I was in a place called the Pound, and some nice people from BHRG came and got me. I went to live with the Harris family who fostered me. That was a lot of fun because they had dogs and cats and kids. They were real nice to me and showed me how to play tug. I had never had toys before. I didn’t know it, but another family in North Carolina was looking for someone just like me to come and help them with Butterfly Biddle, the Basset Hound. They had rescued Butterfly from a really bad living situation where she was separated from her lifetime companion, Dobber who was starved to death. They had several litters of puppies, and they were all gone. She lived in a small run with no shelter and was never let out. Butterfly was very shy and scared. The Biddles thought if someone reminded Butterfly of Dobber, she would be happier.
So, they found me on the BHRG website and came to Georgia to pick me up. It was an immediate attraction. I got to ride in the car for a long time which was really fun. When we got to my new home, I met Butterfly and boy was she cute! She seemed to like me but was very cautious. Then I got to meet my two cats, Lucy and Menew. They didn’t like me at first but now they do. I was really glad when Butterfly decided to play with me. I have so much pent-up energy and I was ready to run! We have a big, fenced-in back yard and we sleep in our crates at night. We get lots of treats and belly rubs and my new dad really likes it when I bring my toys to him to throw them. Butterfly still isn’t sure what we are doing but she tries to join in. We go the beach on the weekends and smell everything! We live near the hospital so everybody laughs when we hear the sirens and throw our heads up in the air and sing in unison. I have my own doctor, Dr. Rohrer, who is a family friend so I get see her a lot. Recently, she saved my life because I ate the better part of bush and got a stick stuck in my gut. I really like her! I keep trying to convince Butterfly that she is really OK but she just keeps barking at her. I’m really happy that my forever family came and got me.

Hi, everybody! My name is Rosie and I am 7-years-old. I have been with my Mom, Dad & 4-legged Sister (who irritates me and makes me growl when she tries to get too close to my mommy. I haven't bit her yet). My family found me five years ago at the Lawrenceville PETsMART and even though they weren't sure they wanted a new "baby" they changed their minds when I laid down on my back for Dad to rub. That got em! They brought me home and I have had been training them on everything I like and how they should treat me. So, now I get to sleep in the middle of the bed with Mom & Dad, sleep on the sofa, etc. We howl a lot, too, but only when the family is bored and makes me and they howl with me. We have fun! When I go out my Mom puts a pretty pink bow on my collar because everybody is already telling her how pretty I am so she dolls me up. But I'm not conceited yet. Why should I be - you are what you are, right? I had already lived with two other families and I can't remember why they didn't want me but, guess what? Am I every glad they didn't because I love my Forever Family! Yippee!! [rosie]

[gwen] My name is Gwenivere. Yes, I am the Queen. You see me standing here by the best chair in the house, waiting patiently so I can grab it as soon as Grandmother goes to bed. She is a nice 83 year old lady. She and I go for long walks, although sometimes I have to stop so she can rest. I always seem to know when she is tired, even when she doesn't. She talks to me gently during the day, and follows me outside into the backyard, even though it is very safe and Mom and Dad's fence keep us in. Fortunately, the fence does not keep the neighborhood cats, possums, raccoons and other four footed creatures out. (Mom says I am not to mention the words tree rat, although they smell wonderful and are fun to scare away.) Anyway, late at night we have plenty to keep us interested if we decide to wander outside and protect the fish pond or our stash of buried treasure. Arthur is lying back there under our window on the two inch foam sheepskin covered pad. He is pouting. He is afraid that I will get the best chair. (Mom doesn't think it is the best chair, in fact she hates it, but says she will keep it since it is loved by me.) By the way, the foam pad is only a temporary sleeping area. It is really meant for dogs, but everyone knows we are Bassets.
My name is Arthur. Notice who got the chair. He who laughs last . . . . Actually, I was really lucky. Gwenie was distracted by the smell of Mom cooking tomorrow's dinner. Gwen loves to eat. Me? I may weigh 71 pounds, but I can take or leave a meal if it means giving up my favorite chair, or coming in from an interesting scent. Mom and Dad had a Basset and a dog named Kelley of unknown origin before we came to live here. They buried many wonderful things which are now our treasures. Sometimes when we bring them in to show Mom she makes this sound that sounds like "yetch" and she bribes us with fresh new marrow bones to make a trade. Then, our treasure disappears and we never find it again. Mom is right to suspect that we don't bring EVERYTHING we find into the house. That is really why I am grinning. Mom or Dad take me on walks with Grandma and Gwenivere. I am much too strong for Grandma and can pull her off her feet without meaning to. Gwen won't even chase a squirrel when Grandma takes her for a walk. Imagine that! I will give Gwen the chair before the night is over, because I really don't want to live anywhere without her. Mom takes me to physical therapy because one of my legs is missing a bone -- and I have developed strong shoulder muscles and can walk pretty well now without as much pain. Those twelve steps down to the backyard don't phase me any more, although if Gwen and I get in a race I might strain my leg a bit. But that is OK, because the nice therapist at the vet taught Mom how to give me a massage. Sigh. [arthur]
It is very hard to be humble and be Bassets, because Mom and Dad and Grandma say that the very best thing that has happened in the last year and a half was discovering us at BHRG. We would like to see our Foster Mom again . . . and the twelve or so other Bassets out at her place. We lived with horses there. Mom has to drive us to see her own horses. But that is OK, because we always stop for a picnic lunch. We have learned not to chase the geese, and have discovered that there are carrots in the refrigerator there. We like to chew on carrots. That's all for now. Arthur and Gwenivere

I adopted Ned from BHRG... It was love at first sight. He has been the best dog I have had. I adopted Ned in 1999. He came into a home with 2 cats and a lab (talk about a welcome committee) and adjusted very well. Ned loves to ride in a car. Sometimes I would have to look back and make sure he was still there. He Loves his bones ..and even the cats would come up and be staring at him as to be saying,"Can I have some of that"? I don't think there is a better friend I have ever had. Ned has always been by my side. I think everyone should have a Basset.. [ned]

[starr Here's the "kid's" Xmas photo. They had a wonderful time...as you can see, they're also pretty tired out. Starr (aka Bella) will be 3 yrs old this month (January '2004), and she has already exceeded the growth of her sister, Gretchen. The two are wonderful sisters and are spoiled rotten with relaxing in front of the fireplace. Bella throws her temper tantrums every once in a while when she can't get our attention or Gretchen's attention. Smile. She still has a lot of play in her and we adore her. Gretchen is still a wonderful child and DEMANDS her daily walk in the neighborhood regardless of the time of day/night. Just want to say thanks again for making our family complete with these wonderful 4-legged children....they're certainly keepers.

After our 10 year-old basset, Chelsea, died from cancer, our other basset, Otis, grieved for his big sister. It was truly heart-breaking. We had met a BHRG volunteer months before in a parking lot and decided to see if they had a web-site. They did, and we decided to submit an application for adoption. We looked through the pictures, read the stories, and then came across a picture of Diva. She was so beautiful and we decided we had to meet her. We were put in contact with Diva's foster mom and made arrangements to meet the following week. We were so excited about meeting her, but our biggest concern was that Otis would like her. As soon as we saw Diva, we fell in love. She is just a petite little girl with the sweetest face that looks like she's saying, "Don't you just wanna give me kisses?" Otis seemed to take to her from the first minute - tails in the air and lots of sniffing... We brought Diva home and decided to change her name to Annie - Little Orphan Annie. We don't know much about her background, but it is clear someone was mean to her. [diva]
Annie seems to be adjusting well, and she's already discovered the couch, the king-sized bed, and what the rattle of the cookie jar means! She follows her big brother around (just like little sisters do) constantly prompting him to play. Otis is quite the gentleman allowing her to eat from the same bowl, play with the same toys, and he even lets her sit on top of him when she feels it is necessary. Otis always "looked up to" Chelsea and now Annie does that with him. We're so thankful to have Miss Annie as a part of our family. She had us wrapped around her paw from the moment we saw her, and we look forward to spending many years with her. We miss Chelsea more than we could ever express but we know in our hearts she would approve of her little sister, too.

Thanks, BHRG, for allowing Annie to be a part of our lives. We couldn't be more pleased! This has been such a wonderful experience and we are considering becoming foster parents as soon as Annie is completely adjusted.

[buddy] We were already the owner of a basset named Maggie. She is like a daughter to us. We got her from the pound. While at the basset hound fundraiser we adopted one of the nine puppies. We have named him Buddy (he's the black & white pup in the photo). He has quickly fallen in love with us and we with him. He has become Maggie's shadow. She patiently plays with him and takes care of him. He has slept in bed with us every night since we brought him home, and we can't imagine not having him with us. He has definitely become a member of our family. Thanks so much to Basset Rescue for introducing us to Buddy and for all the good work they do with hounds across the state.

I adopted Nina, formerly known as Alice, about 2 years ago. The first time I saw her, she was covered in mange and her eye was in desperate need of surgery. I remember when her foster mother put her down, she walked up to me and laid her little head on my knee as I crouched down to pet her. I didn't leave with Nina that day, but as I debated on whether or not to get another dog (I already had an English Bulldog named Friday), her little face stuck in my head. A few weeks later I met her foster mother at Piedmont Park so I could take Nina home as my own. Her mange was cleared up and eye surgery was a success. Although I was excited to be getting my new little baby, it broke my heart to see Nina's foster mom cry when it was time to say goodbye.
I had my backyard fenced and also had a dog door installed in the finished part of my basement so that Nina & Friday have access to both in and outside all day long. In addition, they have beds and their own radio to listen to down there. Once I'm home, they have free reign of the house of course. "Reign" being an appropriate word as it is they who run the place! It took a while for these two to get adjusted. Friday is very dominant and was used to being the "only child". Now she & Firday she love to wrestle, and Nina especially loves to take Friday's toy balls. Living on the end of a cul-de-sac, children often accumulate here to play. Nina is the love of all the kids. She is the most lovable dog you'll meet, always just wanting someone to pet her or walk her. All in all, adopting Nina has been a great experience. All she wants is love and affection. And when she sits there with those long ears just looking at me, it makes my heart melt. Bassets are a great breed to those in search of a lovable pet! [alice]

[marvin]" We first met Marvin in April. He was our third foster dog and was our first foster dog who was truly in need of help. When he came into our home he was so malnourished his ribs were completely visible - he was so skinny - his back looked so narrow - we didn't know how his sickly body was able to stand up! and he was very skittish around us he would flinch if he was in the vicinity of us waving our arms as we spoke and moved around. His white hair was yellowed, was heartworm positive as well as having other infections. Boy, did he really need love and affection. He soaked up every ounce of attention and care (and not to mention food!) that we had to give him. He seemed so grateful to be around us. Having Marvin in our home taught us how simple and rewarding it can be to give love and have it returned to us by an animal in need. Needless to say, we were hooked.
Marvin started gaining weight, his infections cleared up and his true personality was starting to shine through. He really started to bond with our two dogs - Bailey and Matisse. Seeing how happy he was and how far he had come made us realize that he had finally found a place that he felt comfortable and could call home. We could not bare to let him go. So we joined the "foster failures" club after deciding to adopt Marvin. Having three dogs in our home now unfortunately put a stop to us being able to accommodate any more. We are grateful to BHRG for allowing us the opportunity to care for such a wonderful hound - he brings so much joy to our lives. Marvin is such a part of our family now - we can't imagine life without him! Thanks BHRG!

Flash & Roscoe have been the greatest blessing I can imagine. Our story began with our 11 year old basset, "Droopy". Droopy was diagnosed with stomach cancer in December of 2002. After monumental efforts to keep him alive, he started to decline rapidly. In order to keep him out of pain, we decided to have him put down. We felt pain the likes of which I never want to feel again. We lived without an indoor pet for a few months but the loneliness and emptiness was too much. We started looking at rescue sites for anything but a basset. We thought it would be too hard to cope with, but we kept going back to the basset sites - this site in particular. And we kept going to the picture of Flash and Roscoe.
I decided that we HAD to have these boys. I emailed the foster family and we spoke on the phone. I prepared our home for them. We traveled 350 miles to pick them up. Immediately we noticed that they were very well taken care of, and we would probably not have any serious health issues with either of them. They have now grow accustom to us and are very loving and comforting. They play with each other and, like all siblings, they fight occasionally. They like to sing anytime I howl at them (Flash begins to howl and Roscoe joins in). They can be mischievous. One will distract us by doing something odd or cute ,and the other will sneak off and get into mischief. And they love our other dog, "Dobey".

We didn't rescue Flash and Roscoe- they rescued us. I'm glad BHRG exists for these noble and loving animals. Thank you for providing a place for basset lovers to find animals that need people.

[chopper] When we adopted Chopper in January 2003, I thought I had made the biggest mistake of my life! Even though he was beautiful, he was absolutely psychotic! He was agressive, not housetrained and just not an easy dog to work with. Chop had been abandoned and apparently abused somewhat as he just did not trust people at all and had heartworms prior to adoption. Twice I planned to return Chop back to BHRG, but my son (and husband) talked me out of it. The vet prescribed antidepressants (after a couple of biting incidents) did not work - it was really just a huge mess! I was at my wit's end!

It took 8 weeks, but Chop calmed down nicely once he learned who was boss (people) and that he could trust us. He has just turned into an absolute joy! He went on vacation with us this year and followed us everywhere. He never trys to escape - he just wants to stay near his family. In fact, Chop doesn't just want to be with you - he much prefers to be on you. He loves just sitting in my lap. If I sit down, here comes the 50# cannonball headed straight for my lap! He'll even hug your neck!
He's protective, but has lost his agressiveness. He has lots of personality - doing a a "wallow-on-his-back with growl/bark" when he's not getting enough attention or wants "people" food. He is just so loving and entertaining. He is a true member of the family and none of us can imagine what'd we'd do without him!

I am so glad we "stuck it out" though the initial difficult times. If we'd given up we would have missed out on so much love and such a wonderful dog.

My family and I have been blessed to have three gorgeous basset girls in our life. About seven years ago my brother had finished a dog-sitting job for my aunt, and had to go to Petsmart to pick up some dog food for her two spaniels. Well, that was the story they told my mother. My aunt actually wanted to find a dog for my brother, Joel. As they walked in the door, Joel laid his eyes on the love of his life, Clovis (AKA Chloe). He immediately decided he wanted that dog! Well, with the help of my aunt, he talked my mother into coming down and seeing this dog. She also fell in love. She immediately agreed to sign the BHRG contract. Within a week, BHRG had come out to see that our house was fit for this little princess. Although my father didn't like the idea, he has always been an animal lover. He felt that Chloe would be good for the whole family. Now Chloe is fifteen years old, and healthy as a horse. Because of her, we have adopted two more bassets. Those two are Emily Grace and Dixie. I just wanted to thank you for showing our family what wonderful pets these dogs are. Chloe is now enjoying her later years, and especially enjoys Oreos, an occasional cup of mild, and of course any table scrap she can receive. My entire family has confessed to spoiling her. The vet that we take her to says she is VERY healthy. We look forward to many more years of these dogs touching our hearts.

[tallulah] Tallulah had so many problems when she came to us to foster -- the beginnings of heartworms, 4 infected front teeth, a tumor the size of a golf ball in the middle of her tail, an infected paw, and a cold. On top of that she was so skinny! And 11 years old! I knew her chances of being adopted weren't too good but I wasn't sure if we could keep her. But we had her teeth pulled, her tumor removed and put her on antibiotics. Soon she was a new dog. She hated my other two bassets on sight and growled constantly at them. But two months later, she had settled right in. She still would rather be an only dog though. We really believe she had been someone's long time pet from the way she behaves, and I personally think she had been owned by an older man because she is just crazy about my dad. It took 6 months to put some serious weight on her and she is still a pretty grouchy girl, but then so am I. She sticks to me like velcro and has the face of an angel. We love her a lot.

In November 2000, we adopted Rufus at PetSmart-Perimeter. At that point we already had 2 cats and another rescued dog, a Sheltie-Border Collie mix, but Rufus has become the alpha dog and master of the household. He was 8 when we adopted him and he was depressed for a while because he had been given up after spending his entire life with one owner, followed by a few weeks in foster care. Grumpy at first, he soon came out of his shell and has been one of the great joys of our life.
I am sad to report that he developed adrenal cancer last November and we were told initially that he needed to be put down. Our vet recommended a specialist, who performed an extremely delicate (and usually unsuccessful) operation that saved Rufus's life. However, in February Rufus lost his fight with adrenal cancer. We miss Rufus terribly, despite the fact that our home is filled with Bassets rescued via BHRG. We now have Bessie, Blue & Belle, and Buddy, all adopted within the past year. The only consolation is that we know our beloved Rufus is now pain-free and running around in Basset heaven, waiting at the bridge for his mom and dad and his Basset pals. [rufus]"

I adopted Theodore (Theo for short) in April of 2003. I wanted a puppy, tri-color and a male. Well, God and BHRG delivered with the help of Nancy with BHRG and countless others in your organization. I had lost Sarah, a beloved and very much head-strong lemon basset in January and Sugar a few months later to cancer. I have been through some trying times in my life the last six months. I am the kind of basset lover that doesn't think life is complete without a basset hound to snuggle with, spoil, feel those soft, long ears and hear those deep howls that are nothing less than music to my ears. Theo loves me as I am with my faults and strengths, failures and successes. I cannot begin to tell you what joy Theo has brought to my life and healing he has done in my heart. He has freckles on his nose and on his belly that I gladly kiss each day of his life. And his eyes......oh my, words cannot describe the peace. I would like to thank your organization for helping to make all this possible.

[emily] When I went onto the BHRG website I knew that there was no going back. I was going to open up my home to one of these wonderful gifts from God. I was searching each picture and story and I thought my heart was going to break from some very sad stories. I wanted to take each and everyone of them home. Since I knew that my family would not let me do that, I kept looking and boom there she was. The most beautiful princess I had ever seen. Her name was Emily. I took one look and knew she was meant to be with me for the rest of her life. I started emailing right away and could not believe that she had not been adopted. I went to the Duluth PetSmart that next Sunday to get her. But I had to wait awhile because her wonderful foster mom was stuck in Atlanta traffic. When she walked in I ran to her like I was 5 years old. She came running to me and jumped right up into my arms while I was still standing. She knew that I was there for her. I brought her home and watched her wrap my husband around her little paw. He was not much of a dog person before but she has changed that. We have nicknamed her PURE LOVE. I have never seen a dog so happy and loving in my life. I want to thank BHRG for bringing us our Emily.
That's where I thought it would end but I got onto the website again. I decided to become a Foster Mom. I thought that I could help out and have no problem handing the foster over to another family. Well that did not work. When Buddy came home he was leaving the only home he had every known. He went there when he was just 8 weeks old and he is now 7 yrs old. You can image how sad and upset he was. He had been taken care of and had been loved so it was hard on everyone involved. He is very different than Emily but adorable in his own way. He can be cranky in the mornings. He had never been around other dogs and I was little worried but now he runs and plays like a puppy. He has slimmed up and now takes the stairs 2 at a time. When he first got here he took forever to go up or down them, but not anymore. He seems to be very happy and as usual is sleeping on my feet as I use the computer. [buddy]

I've told several people, getting Hobie was the best decision I ever made. After five years of living in a place where I couldn't have a pet, I finally moved to LaGrange, where I persuaded the landlord to let me have one. I also have a job now that gives me more time at home for a pet. The landlord's only conditions were that it would be small and housetrained. After scavenging several area shelters — none of whom could guarantee the housetraining — a friend suggested I look for rescues on the Internet and I found BHRG.

Ever since I conquered a childhood fear of dogs I've wanted a basset. And even though several dogs I found in shelters allegedly were housetrained, I decided not to be my normally impulsive self and wait for the rescue to contact me. Thanks very much to BHRG volunteer Norma Carpenter, who not only came and did my home visit, but went with me to the Tucker Petsmart to get my dog and helped me pick out the supplies I'd need to get started. She truly went above and beyond. And Pat King, who was working adoptions that day, calmed some very serious new-mom nerves.

Knowing what Hobie's been through, I want to give him an especially good life. Hobie has been the best dog I could have asked for, especially since I've never had a dog before. For that I have to thank Kathy Martin and her family, who fostered him for two years. I had said I wanted a dog whose "issues" were solved, and thanks to her, Hobie's were. We even spoke for several days after the adoption, and I'll occasionally call her with updates and questions and she's been incredibly helpful.

All my dog-owner friends tell me I'm lucky to have a non-destructive and housetrained pet. Hobie goes for leash walks morning, noon and night and spends his days when I'm at work inside the house in the air conditioning watching Animal Planet! His couch is my couch and my bed is his bed. If there's one human invention he could get rid of I think it would be the snooze button on the alarm, but he's very patient about letting me sleep a while longer before we go out in the morning. And he sighs — just like I did when I was a kid!

I am single and live alone in a town I just moved to in January, and it's wonderful to come home to a little guy who's always happy to see me and doesn't care that I didn't get everything accomplished at work that I should have. I'm glad to have such a wonderful partner to help face the world with. I can't wait to take him to meet all my family and friends who I'm sure will love him just as much as I do. My life revolves around him now, to the point where I even feel bad about leaving that sweet face in the morning. But I have his picture at work and he's always waiting in the bedroom window when I get home.

Thanks so much to everyone at BHRG for hooking me up with "my new man," and I've already marked my calendar for the "Basset Bash." I don't think Kathy's kids would forgive me if I didn't bring Hobie for an appearance!

[katie Hello everybody, remember me? My name is Katie. I was one of the Bassets featured on this website almost a year ago. I was rescued by a nice man named Glenn, but I call him Dad. I have a great new home in the city and I now have a sister too. Her name is Lily and she is a six year old Chocolate Lab. We get along very well. I live very close to Piedmont Park and love it when we go for long walks. I like to make new friends at the park and flirt with all the boy dogs too. I also like to lay in the sun on the patio during the day and chase squirrels up the trees. I'm very happy in my new home and couldn't ask for a better Dad. Here is a picture of my Dad and me. Thank you Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia for helping me find my new home.

I wanted to give you an update on Peaches & Puddles, who are now known as Thelma & Louise. The new names just seemed to fit their personalities better. On Feb. 27, 2003, I met them at their foster home, and it was love at first sight for all parties involved. After spending about 30 minutes getting to know them with their foster parent, I needed to go out to my car to get some stuff. They followed me upstairs out of the basement, and stared at me through the storm door while I was at my car, as if to say "Wait, don't leave yet, we want to go with you!".

The first few days in their permanent home were a little rough, they didn't want to eat much, but their spirits remained high. Now that they've adjusted to their new environment, eating is not a problem. Whenever they get fed, the food doesn't stay in the bowl more than a couple of minutes before these girls devour it! They love their new home, especially the back yard. We have a six foot privacy fence around the back yard, but the yard slopes uphill at the rear of the lot, so they can climb the hill and see over the other parts of the fence. They love to lay at the top of the hill and observe the neighborhood.

These two are so gentle and sweet, they even eat out of the same bowl, without anyone getting territorial about the food. The fact that these two are mother and daughter explains why they get along so well together.

This past weekend, we took a trip up to NC to visit my parents, and these girls loved taking the trip. I drive a convertible Mustang, and the weather was perfect, so the girls had a great time. We got stuck in traffic in Charlotte due to an accident ahead of us. When a fire truck went past us with the siren blaring, my girls decided to join in. Whenever they howl, they do it together, and I swear they harmonize with each other. As I looked around at the other cars around us, I saw many people laughing at the sight of the harmonizing Basset Hounds.

I love these two very much, and I want to thank everyone at BHRG for letting them come into my life.

[jo I lost my best "basset" friend - Jackson - in May of 2001. It was a really tough time for me and I contacted BHRG to inquire about adopting another basset hound. Well, thanks to Pat King I walked away two months later with two new best friends - Jo (Jo Jo) & Jersey. I can't tell you how happy they make me every day. They are the best of friends and fill my house with such happiness and energy. Jersey is the youngest by about four months but she is definitely the one in charge and Jo happily lets her do that - plus she outweighs him by about 15 pounds. Jo is such a gentle soul and is the one who's always getting into things but in that "goofball" way of his. I am forever grateful to BHRG and Pat King for helping me find these two wonderful characters - Jackson would have loved them too.

Sheri & BHRG,

Wanted to send you some updated photos of Lucy in her new home. We cant get enough of her!!! She learned how to use a pet door in 5 minutes and is really loveable. Please make sure her foster mom that had her before us gets these pics so she knows shes in great hands :)

[cotton]" We fell in love with Cotton at first sight over the Internet. We finally adopted him in late November of 2002, after waiting two months for his health problems to be resolved. BHRG did a wonderful job making sure he was in top shape before he went to his forever home.

Cotton has settled into his new home perfectly. It is as if we always had him. We soon realized what wonderful personality Cotton has. He became an instant source of entertainment. His favorite place in the house is on his plush dog bed basking in front of the fire. He is never far from any human and will follow us from room to room. Cotton is starting his obedience classes with hopes he might have a future as a therapy dog. We think he would be good in this line of work because of his extreme gentleness and love towards children.

We are very thankful to have found such a special dog and fully support BHRG in their endeavors.

If anyone had ever found the perfect gift, it would be the love of a dog, especially a basset. Basil and I were introduced via BHRG and Sheri Ray. It was a "divinely guided" situation. Basil was needing a new forever home; I had room in my home and my heart. We met and I was in love with this handsome hound!! His Mom explained what was going on in her life and why Basil would fit into the Engen home so well. Basil had been loved very deeply and it showed in his demeanor, basset-ality, and smiling eyes. Things were going to change, though, for his Mom; thus the rationale for needing to find him a new home.

Basil arrived on Sunday evening, of Thanksgiving week.!! From his entrance, he was home. We have had nary a "marking", fight, argument, etc., and Basil entered a home w/ three established "furbabies." He has adopted a leather chair as his, has made his way into my bed, and is my ever faithful footwarmer. No separation anxiety, mo destruction, no accidents....it's been a dream adoption. ( wonder what Basil would write about me???) Basil and I just got done making a small donation as a thank you to Sheri Ray. Hopefully our token might help some other basset find her/his forever home. Happy Howlidays to all!

[nathan]" We have had basset hounds for 22 years and as our last, RD, is now over 15 years old . We were considering purchasing a puppy. This last Thanksgiving we drove down from London, Ontario, Canada to visit our newly married daughter and son-in-law. After working with Sheri for a week or so before our visit, we decided we would look at adopting. This was the right decision in every possible way. The people at the adoption day (Karen Harner & Menzie Campbell) were God-sent for these poor guys/girls. We fell in love with Nathan (pictured left), now Spencer, and our son-in-law with Sherlock (pictured right). Spencer has taken to his home like bread to butter and although he has had 3 little accidents, he makes a mistake once and learns from it so quickly. [sherlock]
We are having a much more severe winter than usual, having in previous years seen very little snow, however, right now we have well over a foot. Spencer was a little taken back at first not knowing quite what to make of all this white stuff. Now he runs and slides like a pro. I can't imagine him not being with us. Thank you for the great work your organization does, you can put us down as life long supporters.

[sweetpea] Dear BHRG, Adoption a success, tremendous success, overwhelming success (well, you get the picture). We adopted Sweetpea from BHRG (with an assist from Suncoast BHR) on July 14, 2002. The experience with adopting a rescue basset through BHRG has been rewarding. Kind, big hearted folks with a real passion for bassets. What an accommodating group of people. Sweetpea's name has been "enhanced" and is now Princess Sweetpea of Frogmoor. She certainly is the princess of our house and is treated as such (she makes sure).

Cathy Bates was Sweetpea's foster Mom before we adopted her. I had been doing my "homework" on bassets, reading the Daily Drool and other sources of information I could get a hold of. When I searched for a rescue group near me I found Suncoast Basset Hound Rescue but unfortunately, they didn't have the "gal" I was looking for -- fortunately BHRG did! Once I saw Sweetpea's face and read her story I was reeled in -- hook, line and sinker. What a love I thought. I quickly filled out my adoption application and the coordinator put Cathy and I in touch so I could ask a gazillion questions about "my" girl. All the answers were more than acceptable and to hear Cathy speak of Sweetpea I knew she was (and is) a jewel.
Being eager to pick her up as soon as possible (like Sunday and this was Thursday) Suncoast did BHRG (and us) a big favor by coming over from Gainesville to Ormond Beach for our home visit. After receiving an "all go" on both the application and home visit we arranged to meet Cathy halfway between our house and hers. We would have gladly driven all the way to Covington. It was an emotional time for us when we got to actually see and hug Sweetpea for the first time -- we were head over heels in love. Emotions rose again when it was time for all to go their separate ways. This is just the success of the adoption process. The nine weeks of being Sweetpea's people has just been wonderful for me and Mike. Sweetpea is the sweetest hound ever and is teaching us something new everyday!

This is Harvey Jones. He came to us as our first foster dog with BHRG, but that only lasted about five minutes. I think Harvey was a stray found in Carrollton, but we decided very quickly he couldn't leave our home here in Atlanta! Harvey loves us and everyone else he meets. His favorite thing to do is to walk in the morning when the kids in the neighborhood are waiting for the school bus - they all call out his name and he just shakes with joy from (very big) head to (very long) tail. His next favorite thing is to crawl into bed with Mike after his morning walk. Right in the middle, head on the pillow. I just wanted to let y'all know that we enjoy Harvey as much as he seems to enjoy us. We look forward to finding him a friend in the future. [emily]

[emily] My grown son had lost his dog of 13 years a month before when we went to PetSmart in Roswell to look at the Bassets available for adoption. There were only a few dogs there that morning and he expressed some interest in one of the dogs and then saw Emily. That was January, 2002. It seemed to be love at first sight between them. From the first day we brought her home she's fit right in - we had no adjustment period. It just seemed she'd always been there. We have 3 other dogs - all 10 lbs or less. One has become Emily's big buddy and they play together almost all the time. She's been such a joy. Without a doubt she's the sweetest dog I've ever known - she doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body. She's so easy going that nothing much seems to bother her. She loves attention and loves to play but will also lie around when you don't want to do anything. She's a wonderfully well-adjusted dog, very outgoing and loving. Everyone that meets her falls in love with her and she's very willing to be petted by anyone. Thanks goes to her foster mom for the care given to her before we were fortunate enough to have her come home with us. Thanks BHRG!!

[baby] Our family adopted Baby (left) on July 7th. Baby was adopted after our first adopted Basset, Sadie Mae (right) died earlier this year in a car accident. My daughter, Alexis was anxious to fill the void that Sadie Mae left in our home yet I was not sure if I was ready to let go of Sadie's memory. I am so pleased to report that Baby is doing wonderful and is adjusting perfectly to the family. We love on her all the time and she is so happy. Baby has playful energy and yet is gentle and can melt you heart with the slightest tilt of her head. She has created her own unique spot in our family and I am so glad that I did not let my grief from Sadie Mae stop us from giving another Bassett a loving home environment. Thank you for the second opportunity to add to our family. We will take such good care of Baby!. [sadiemae]

When we first decided to get a basset, we told Pat King we wanted an older dog. Dave wanted a lazy older dog to sit in his recliner with him. "I have just the dog for you!" Soon we were introduced to Agnes Jane who it turns out had been abused, starved and hated men. So much for Dave's dog -- but we both loved her on sight. After 2 months she decided Dave was ok and was now Sweet Georgia Brown.

Soon we got another call from Pat - could we foster a 1 yr old named Snickers recovering from parvo? Dave ranted and raved for 2 hours before saying "he's our dog to keep and his name is Fred (or Phred)". Phred is a beautiful red color, gorgeous (and knows it) and has gone from 30 lbs to 45 lean and strong pounds. He is the "Davedog"! He loves to wrestle with his big sister Georgia and pester her like any little brother. He loves to ride in Dave's pickup truck with his head hanging out the window. And he rarely stops barking. We adore them both and feel so fortunate to have them in our lives. Thank you BHRG.

[katie] We had two bassets, Daisy and Duke. They loved each other terribly. Duke went to puppy heaven and left Daisy, the older of the two, so very alone. She stopped eating and even stopped walking. We picked her up and took her everywhere with us so she would not be lonely. We fed her Arby's Roast Beef and Zaxby's chicken. She might take a few bites but that would be it. The vet gave us anti-depressants for her, but she would not swallow them or she would throw them back up. I had a friend that had two bassets, and she brought them over. Daisy took a few steps trying to follow the one that resembled Duke. I thought that poor Daisy was just lonely so we looked on the Internet at Basset Hound Rescue and found Angel who also looked alot like Duke. We arranged to meet Angel at an adoption day in Conyers. Unfortunately, Angel's foster mother was new to the area and could not find us. We stayed there for a long time waiting and had brought Daisy with us so she could see how she liked her. Daisy walked around checking out the others. We kept our eye on Dorothy because she was so laid back and our Daisy was so dominate that she needed a laid back friend.
We decided to give Dorothy a try even though she was not the one we had come to take home. We just love her. Her name is now Katie. Daisy started running to play with Katie, and Katie let her boss and mother her which is just what Daisy needed. Katie has been the best basset in the world for this family. She made Daisy very happy but as I mentioned earlier, Daisy was very old. We are not sure how old because we took her in as a stray. The vet said probably about 12 years. She has gone to be with Duke now. We are so thankful that we wound up with Katie. She may not have been "Angel" but she has definetly been a God-send to us. We could not ask for a sweeter, more patient, loving girl than Katie. Thanks to Basset Hound Rescue for the job you do and to Katie' s (Dorothy) foster mom for doing such a good job taking care of her until we could bring her home. We love her very much and she is perfectly rotten.

We knew it from the moment we picked her up at her foster home. Julie Chu opened the door and, of all the dogs, Bridget made a bee-line for me - with her eyes ONLY on me. It was as if she was saying, "Thank God you are finally here... What took you so long?"

We loaded her in the car after a short "get aquainted" walk and were on our way from Atlanta to Orlando - a 8hr. drive. She was perfect! She loves her new home. Every day we take one or two walks and she has the run of our enclosed back yard any time she wants.
Bridget spends her days watching (and sometimes chasing!) the squirrels and birds we feed. She spends her nights laying around and getting rubbed. She is a very high-need dog, but in our house she's never alone. Bridget has found her forever home - we just hope we have her for many, many years. Thanks again for saving such a wonderful dog just for us.

I'm Bumper, and I'd been in rescue for awhile when I came to a new foster home in August of 2001. Right from the start I behaved and acted like a real gentleman - only lifted my leg on the couch once. My foster parents thought I would go quickly because of my cute looks, personality, and because I got along with their two dogs. They were wrong. At each adoption day those other short legged dogs, Mom calls them Basset Hounds, would invade my personal space. That's when they would get a talking to by me. Seems these disciplinary actions I had to take caused possible adopters to feel I was grouchy or mean-spirited. Mom would try to convince them otherwise and I would even wiggle my whole back end for the humans, but to no avail. Around January I noticed that Mom wasn't disappointed when we would return home after adoption days; she would even say things like 'Bumper made it another week' to Dad. One day Mom was talking to a BHRG trustee saying something about not being able to give me up to this wonderful Florida family that was interested in me. It became official when Dad said it wasn't fair to keep taking me to adoption days knowing nobody was going to be good enough to adopt me. Life is grand - no more short legged dogs to invade my space at those adoption days. My Mom takes me for walks and lets me sniff everything - she thinks a senior hound should be given this benefit. I sleep in the bed at night, get daily rub downs, and sweet nothings whispered in my ears. Who could ask for more? [bumper]

[buttermilk] Hello, remember me? I'm Buttermilk. I was one of those hounds in foster care for a long time. The, just when I was beginning to think I wasn't going to find my forever home, it happened! There was a lady in Florida searching for me, and she couldn't wait to bring me home. I have a wonderful mommy & daddy who love me very much. They give me lots of hugs and kisses too. I have a 4-legged sister, Sadie and we get along swell! We have 4 human siblings (Dana, Olivia, Nicole, & Thomas). My siblings love to take me for walks, give belly rubs, chase in our yard, and they love my wet kisses too! I get so much love and attention here. I am so happy BHRG and my wonderful foster famliy (the Geis family) brought us together. Thanks to both of you, we are one big happy family.
Oh... Guess what? Sadie and I have our own room. We have our own beds, TV, and our very own pet. She is an African Grey, Shadow. She even talks to us. Daddy put in a dog door too. I have been a good boy with no accidents. The kids have been trying to teach me new tricks, and well, I have been doing a little teaching of my own. My 2-legged little brother Tommy, has mastered the dog door! He does a real swell job, but Mom & Dad don't seem as proud as I was. We have a great big backyard and go for alot of walks. I love trips to the Paw Playground. It's a fenced park just for canines. It has toys, watering holes, showers, and best of all, lots of friends to play with. Soon, Mommy says we are gonna take a trip to the dog beach. Boy, does that sound great!.

We adopted Mackenzie in January of 2002, thinking our basset hound, Daisey, wasn't going to make it much longer. When we brought Mackenzie home he was nervous, but when Daisey came in the room, her tail instantly started to wag like crazy. He had brought Daisey back to life. She was bought at a pet store which meant she was a puppy mill puppy. She has such terrible muscle and joint problems. Everytime she has to go back and forth to the vet, Mackenzie is always there for her when she gets back. He always welcomes her at the front door like he has to look after her and take care of her. He has been like a little physical therapist for her. Mackenzie has made Daisey forget all the pain she has and all the stuff she has to put up with at the vets office. He is wonderful to my children and has never shown and aggression at all. He has been a blessing. I want to thank Pat King for letting my family and I adopt him. Even though I lost a basset a little while ago, I think every one of these basset hounds, young or old, needs a chance for a perfect life or a perfect ending. [mackenzie]

[frosty Marley (on right) has finally decided that he will keep us. He loves hanging out with Frosty and sneaking the cat food whenever he gets a chance. When he first arrived, he kept his tail down and didn’t really know if all the hugs and kisses were o.k. Now, he wakes me up by putting his front paws on my side of the bed and sniffs my ear for a good morning hug. Whenever I leave just to get a paper he lets me know to come back fast with a low basset ARRRROOO! Marley is our second basset from BHRG and is no more trouble than one pooch.

My name is Bessie, and I am the queen of the universe. I was Mark and Stephanie's first foster dog... but here I am, one year later! When I first got here I adopted Mamie (that's her with me on the couch), the BHRG basset, as my little sister because I knew I could boss her around. I had a tough life before being rescued by Donna in Macon. I was tied to a tree for most of my life after my girl went to college and left me with her mom. Now I only go outside when I feel like it. Most of the time I hang out on the couch, chase the cat, play with Mamie and the fosters. But my favorite thing to do is snuggle. Sometimes I even break out of my crate at night and sleep in the bed. Mark makes a pretty good pillow, but doesn't seem to like when I wake him up at 2:00 am with a big kiss on his forehead. [bessie]

[aubie] Hello, My name is Aubie, and I am the one on the left. I used to be called Augie, but my parents changed it to the mascot of their favorite football team. I am HAPPY in my new home with my forever family. We found each other in July when my parents were looking for a playmate for my little "brother" Beau (the one on the right). Some of you may remember when Beau and I met at Petsmart as we played and wrestled the entire time drawing quite the crowd. Well, we haven't stopped playing yet.We have a great fenced in back yard which we love to romp through all the time, and since Mom gardens it has lots of plants to run through and hide behind.
My other favorite thing to do is ride in the car with the windows down and go to the park so we can romp and play with other 4-legged children. I have to admit that they spoil me all the time, but I am not about to stop them. They give me more chewies and toys than I can play with, tons of treats, and even gave me the bed in the spare bedroom to nap on. I really love living here. We ALL want to thank BHRG for introducing us to each other so we can be one big happy family.

Hi Everyone! I used to be known as Chunky, but my new parents renamed me Meilee (pronounced Maylee). I like my new name now because I am quickly growing out of my chunky puppy stage. I am loving my new home in Athens with my parents Angie and Chris and my new brothers and sister which happen to be kitties, but I don't care, I like to play with them anyway. I have only been here about 2 weeks but have almost mastered the housetraining thing. I also have learned to fetch! It's lots of fun! It has been a snap. My new neighborhood has lots of doggies and great sidewalks and big trees to smell. I have been to several different parks and I just love riding in the car! My parents wanted me to thank Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia for bringing us together. We love each other very much! [meilee]
I have only been here about 2 weeks but have almost mastered the housetraining thing. I also have learned to fetch! It's lots of fun! It has been a snap. My new neighborhood has lots of doggies and great sidewalks and big trees to smell. I have been to several different parks and I just love riding in the car! My parents wanted me to thank Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia for bringing us together. We love each other very much!

[boris] On April 16th we met an old gray face basset hound at the Paulding County Animal Shelter. For 11 days and nights he had been confined in a small cage, except for brief exercise walks. His caregivers at the shelter seemed to know almost nothing about his past. We did know for certain that he was old and filthy! A reluctant convict and I bathed him in preparation of his release. A short time later our family's veterinarian was examining this arcane and bashful animal while he stole inquisitive glances at me. The medical findings were disheartening .......... cancer. X-rays were conclusive, it was too late for effective treatment. The vet poignantly asked me what I wanted to do with the old boy. Drastic decisions were not on my agenda that day. I set out to rescue a basset hound rather than eliminate one. That bashful and bewildered old hound was tired but the flame of life still burned in him with quiet unmistakable determination. We had become acquainted in my automobile as he sat comfortably in the passenger seat and extended his head out the window. While our first journey together was brief, he nonetheless had time to speak to me by telepathy on the way to the veterinarian clinic. It was clear to me that he loved the outdoors and his immediate need was a forever family.
When we arrived home he met his K-9 family for the first time in the living room. Boris was friendly but cautious. Gradually the bashfulness was abandoned and Boris joined in all the chasing games with the younger dogs. He could never catch or intercept his agile companions but it didn't seem to bother or discourage him. In his basset heart he was born again when he ran with 'the pack'. He grinned with delight at the antics of his long eared buddies. His stamina was tested carefully with slow walks to close locations around the neighborhood. So far so good I thought. His cancer seemed to be in total remission. He had the best appetite in the family, although he was 80% deaf I never had to signal him more than once for breakfast or dinner. Neighborhood children laughed at Boris when the large old basset barked at cats in the distance. He bellowed in a drone that seemed to come from deep in his belly. It was a mournful vibration of his vocal chords. Simply spoken he didn't bark, he roared! Ever shy and gentle with kids he loved to get his neck rubbed and responded with grateful affection.
One fine Saturday morning I brought Boris along with the family to a secluded nature trail at Kennesaw National Park. The sights, smells, and sounds of a real wilderness seemed to make him euphoric. He was a grinning fool. That was the first of many 'green' treks. In truth, he was not always in a state of well being. An occasional rainy day or evening might bring thunder that he dreaded with a great fear. I could not easily calm him as he trembled violently in my arms. He moaned and whimpered like a frightened puppy. Lightning especially tormented him. Later he would snuggle next to his K-9 pals and sleep like a rock. Many weeks became months of contentment to Boris and his forever family. He enjoyed the comfort of indoor climate control when the spring/summer sun became too hot. He took pleasure in sunbathing on the grass in moderate temperatures. His eyes closed in mock sleep he grinned from ear to ear. The warm wind was ambrosia. Nevertheless, it could not last.
The wicked hand of fate could be postponed but no amount of futile wishes or prayers would turn it away when it arrived seeking Bashful Boris. One morning he showed no interest in breakfast but I didn't imagine that he would never eat again. He failed rapidly and became very weak. Although he drank water frequently he could not be enticed to eat anything. The vet had no magic wand and offered no words of false hope or belief in miracles. Three long days past. His floppy-eared pals licked his face sometimes but they mostly gazed at him sadly. They knew something ominous was in the air. A dark cloud hovered over us. Boris took a few deep breaths and on the last morning he died in my arms. The Roman Catholic philosopher Francis D'Asissi said that each animal we encounter is a unique example of God's desire to manifest life as a gift and an expression of his love. Teddy Roosevelt once observed to a public audience that animals have poor social manners but their hearts are true and pure when they donate affection to some lucky human. Every day as a foster guardian is a day to treasure and take personal pride. Boris will be missed greatly by his foster family. Perhaps the bashful old boy is indeed in a wonderful place of serenity. I like to think he is waiting comfortably until his family is all together again. His big face will be grinning from ear to ear when we cross the rainbow bridge together.

My name is Petey. Don't I look comfortable in my forever home? A nice man from BHRG named Jim rescued me and my basset family after our humans moved away and left us in the backyard during the middle of winter! The neighbors fed us table scraps until we were rescued. My mother, Scarlet, crossed the rainbow bridge before she could make it to her forever home. Nonetheless, BHRG was able to save me and my dad, Rhett, and my brother, AJ. [petey]
I'm so grateful to Jim for rescuing me from the elements and hunger and also to my foster mom, Barbara, who showed me what it means to have genuine love and a warm home. Thanks to them, I'll never be cold or hungry again! Now, I share a wonderful home with two funny felines and my beagle "sister," Echo. Here's a picture of us talking about the wonderful life we share with our new humans, who love us as if we were their own children. Thank you, BHRG, for rescuing me and my basset family! Now I know how it feels to be loved!

[hank Hi! We are Hank (the smiling, big, handsome one) and Gretchen (the seemingly reserved, exceptionally cute one). We met about a week apart at our new permanent home. We say permanent because our new human companions can't seem to get enough of us and vise versa. Our humans keep telling us how good we are and say we are a gift from God. Perhaps we should start getting into trouble once in a while. As you can see, we don't have it in us......Yeah Right!
I am Gretchen and I was left at a house to starve, when my old family moved away. I'm not sure what I did to deserve that, but I guess my new humans needed me more since they lost their two old friends to cancer, one week apart. I knew one of them for a couple of days, and he told me to take good care of them. They sure tell me they love me a lot and I return the thought by letting them rub my belly until they get cramps in their arms. I love to play and act tough. I look tough don't I?
I'm Hank and I was rescued from the pound. I think I was too good for my old humans and they must have realized it or how else would I end up there. I am a fine specimen of a basset and love to pose. I also find the laps of my humans VERY comfortable and I don't hesitate to climb onto them...all 65lbs of me. They also tell me I mind very well. I just liked being praised. Doesn't everyone? We sure are glad there are good people like BHRG. Thanks guys.

Bunny Belle here, just wanted to let you know I am very happy with my new family, the Boltons. Petunia, Pansy, and Dixie have let me become part of their home. I have learned to like dog food without hamburger. My Dad and I have bonded really well because my Mom had to be out of town because of her Mother's illness and death. I have learned to get my attention when I want it by swatting with my paw. I also can jump really well and land on an unsuspecting someone. Dixie Belle and I play ALL the time. I miss my foster parents, but I really like my new home. [bunnybelle]

We adopted Monroe from your organization on March 11th of this year. He has been an absolute joy to have. This is our first experience with a Basset Hound and I must say it has been the best four months we have had. Monroe thinks he is the "King of the House," and for the most part he is. We are even thinking about getting him a sister, so he won't be alone while we are at work. He loves both his Mommy and Daddy very much. We have fenced in our backyard so he can play out there whenever he chooses. We also live across the street from a park, where he loves to take his daily walks. Thank you so very much for allowing us to adopt him. Hopefully here soon, we will be ready for another one.

[billie] Just wanted to let you know about the basset that I adopted from you almost a year ago. His adoption name was Billie; his new name is Remus, after the founder of Rome and he is definitely master of all he surveys! His previous owners turned him in and I was more than thrilled to get the chance to adopt him. Here is a picture of Remus. Keep up the good work! Remus and I are very happy to have found each other.

Hi, I'm Alfred. Don't I look comfortable? I have finally found my calling. I think I could do this forever. And luckily, my new human seems content to let me. I had been adopted a couple other times, but I always seemed to get the short end of the stick and wound up outside like some animal. My foster family, Helene and Steve, never gave up on me though. They got me healthy and fattened me back up and got my fur all clean and shiny again. Now I live with Jeff, my human, and 2 cat sisters, Emily and Farrah. My sisters aren't all that fond of me, but we get along okay as long as I don't run up and try to drool on them....cats are so picky about drool. I have a big backyard to play in during the day, lots of squirrels to chase, and all the neighborhood kids like to scratch my ears and belly when I go for walks. At night, though, it's back inside where I have my own bed, filled with toys and chewies. Sometimes, I get visits from my Basset cousin, Henry. Henry is a pound rescue who belongs to my human's dad. [alfred]

[penelope] My mother adopted Penelope at the PETsMART in Conyers. I am happy to say that she is spoiled rotten. She has a favorite spot on the couch, her own chair, and shares half the bed with my sister at night. She even pulls her covers up over her when she is ready to sleep. Mother has taken her to the vet to have her weighed so that she could get her heartworm pills and to get the stuff to clean her ears. She weighs 46.4 pounds and is adjusting well. Mom has two cats which are not overly friendly to her but they seem to be adjusting. It will take some time, but no one has hurt each other yet. My husband and I have captured some still shots for you to see. I hope you enjoy them.

One Sunday in January my family and I were walking on the sidewalk outside of the PETsMART in Conyers, GA. Outside on that sidewalk, we saw a crowd of people and 10 to 15 Basset hounds. We walked around for a while and petted a few of the dogs and spoke with the people who were taking care of the bassets. My husband grabbed a flyer and we were on our way. But as we went along, those dogs tugged at my heart strings. I immediately wrote to Basset rescue of Georgia to find out what I could do to help. My family has now fostered two basset hounds (Basket hounds, as my four old calls them) and I am proud to say that Basset Rescue of Georgia is a wonderful organization of people who are doing something for dogs that are abused or unwanted. I can say that my dog (a border collie) is now living in the lap of luxury after seeing dogs that didn't have forever homes or had been neglected, abused, or just turned in because owner's didn't want them anymore. My plea is to anyone out there that is reading this--love your animals! If you can be a foster family, there are always doggies that need someone to love them. Go to the pound and see doggies that need homes and love. If you feel you can do something, DO IT!!! And last but not least, spay or neuter your pet, just take a look around and see all the abundance of animals that DON'T have homes. If you can foster a dog, it will be one of the greatest rewards. I have converted my doubting husband into a basset hound lover and I can tell you THAT is a miracle in itself. God bless to all who are involved with the basset hound rescue!

My name is Donna and my husband and I are foster parents for BHRG. We have just recently adopted our latest foster, Maggie. And what a joy she is! We had her for over 6 months and decided that she was part of our family, so we adopted her and made it official. We also have two male black labs and let me tell you Maggie is the queen of the back yard. She fit in so well with her new brothers that I knew it would break her heart and theirs if she ever left. We have never owned a basset but we learned very quickly how loving they can be. Maggie gives us hours of fun just watching her chase her two brothers around the yard. Her legs may be short, but she does her best to keep up. We always bring her in the house in the evenings and at night and when we take her outside before going to bed, the 2 labs will meet her at the gate, but she lets them know real quick to "get back, I'm coming in". We love her so much and I am grateful to have her in our lives. We have fostered several bassets, but Maggie just grabbed our hearts and would not let go. [maggie]

[bailey] My name is Bailey. My foster name was Paisley, but I have a two-legged cousin named Paisley and my Mom & Dad did not want any confusion between me and a mere two-legged little girl. My original owner kept me tied up in the backyard like an animal. But, I escaped and the neighbors turned me into BHRG rather than return me to my previous owner. I stayed with my foster family a few months and enjoyed playing with the other bassets. But now I have my forever home with my own beds and my own toys. I love playing soccer and Kibble Hunt with Mom, getting ear flops from Dad and hearing them brag about how pretty and intelligent I am. And when they go to work, I get to play in my backyard, bob for fish in the goldfish pond and tree the neighborhood squirrels.

We are Oreo (left), Dusty (middle) and Mama Cass, formerly known as Cassibelle (right). The good folks at BHRG gave us a second lease on life. We are now with our forever family in our retirement home and living it up! Consider adopting a senior hound, you won't regret it! [Oreo

[dudley This is Dudley. He was hit by a car when he was 3 months old and his neglectful owner didn’t even bother to take him to the vet. Dudley’s left front leg was broken and healed slightly crooked. When he was about a year old, his owner tried to beat him to death with a two by four, breaking his back in two places, crushing his right front shoulder and leg. A neighbor came to Dudley's rescue and called the Sheriff. The abusive owner went to jail and Dudley was sent to the pound. BHRG rescued Dudley and got him the medical attention he needed. The vet school at Auburn University repaired his back as best they could. The UGA vet school recommended that we remove Dudley's right shoulder and leg, since the chance of him being able to use it was extremely remote. Dudley underwent both surgeries like a champ and has made a remarkable recovery. Today, he gets along just fine with three legs. However, the emotional scars took years to heal.
Dudley has been living with me since August of 1996 and has made remarkable strides. He is no longer a fear wetter or displays aggression towards me, since I am a man. Dudley has been such a wonderful friend; not only to me, but also to the many foster bassets we have had visit over the years. It's as though Dudley comes up to all the new fosters and explains: "Relax, you are where you are loved." He has a tremendous calming effect on the fosters. Dudley sleeps with me every night and seldom has nightmares any more. He is such a gift from God; I could never put it into words. I don't think I could ever love another human being as much as I love Dudley.

My name is Dexter (it used to be Jed) and I waited a long time for a family to love me. My new family adopted me in November and it was a match made in heaven for everyone. I have to admit that my "mom" and "dad" spoil me something awful but I'm not going to stop them. I have two kids to play with and I also share my new home with a couple of cats. They're not my best friends but we get along ok and we respect each other's territory. I'm really happy to be here and I know my new family is just as happy to have me. Thank you BHRG for helping me find my new home! [dexter]

[molly Hello from North Carolina! We are Molly and Millie and we are ever so glad our parents found us through BHRG. Don't get us wrong - ya'll are wonderful people and the peaches in Georgia are somethin' to howl over but we love it here in North Carolina. We both moved here from GA in 1998. Millie (on the right) was adopted in Jan '98. She's the precious child in this family. In fact, things went so well the first few months she was around that our parents decided to find her a playmate.
That's where I come in - I was adopted in Nov. '98. Millie and I get along great - as long as there are two of everything and nothing for us to share. I have to admit that I am definitely the instigator of the family. I just love to stand on my hind legs and grab things from the countertops, eat the dirt out of mommy's plants, and bring dirty underwear out of the clothes hamper - especially when guests are around! I must not be too bad though because mommy and daddy love and hug on me every day. Millie is known as "the prodigy child". She's so obedient, never gets into trouble and likes to lounge around mommy and daddy 's feet whenever she can. We hope someday we'll have another sister and brother around to play with. Unfortunately right now there is just enough room for the two of us. Maybe someday though. Thank you for taking such good care of us during our short residency in GA. You are remarkable people.

My name is Desta. It was once Betsy and then Marcelle. My new mom and dad gave me my new name, they said it was fitting because it was our destination to be together. Nation is my last name, now. My foster mommy, Karen, called me "Mar-silly." I really liked her, she paid lots of special attention to me. It was a nice change from when I lived in Nashville with some mean little kids who liked to shoot me in the ears with a bee-bee gun when they thought I was bad. Because of Karen's love and patience, I started trusting people again and became somewhat of a mush. Thank you, BHRG, for finding a good home for me. Mommy wants me to tell you thank you for rescuing me and making me healthy again. [desta]

[mamie] My name is Mamie, though I've had several others. I was bought from a backyard breeder when I was only 6 weeks old, but the lady who bought me couldn't keep up with me. I AM quite a handful. The next person I lived with was terminally ill and couldn't keep up with me. Then I had a wonderful foster family, the Hunts. I now live with my Mommy and Daddy. I have a mutt brother named Louie and my own cat! I'm still quite a handful, and Mommy almost gave me up because of my lack of HOUSEBREAKING. But a BHRG lady told Mom about putting a bell on a string by the back door. So now I ring the bell to go outside, and we are all much happier. I am so grateful to BHRG, and so is my family.

My name is Bowden, it used to be Droopy when I was living in BHRG foster care. I love my new name and family. I am named after my favorite College football coach. I was rescued from Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia in August of '99. I now live in Tallahassee with my owners Clay, Alexandra, and their kids Christopher and Cassi. I get lots of exercise everyday walking around the block, and have my very own bed and toy box in the living room. I was abandoned at a very young age and I am just now two years old. I am very healthy now, and get all the attention that every dog should have. Thank you BHRG for seeing to it that I got a great home and a family that loves me. Your friend...............Bowden. [bowden]

[maddux] My name was Maddox, but now it's "Sweet Maddux". (My Mom says my middle name is "love"). I have a human Mom and Dad, and Agnes, my new Basset sister, a 10 year-old "second career" lady. My new companions tell me I was adopted in March, but I felt right at home from my first step in the door. I enjoy sitting with my new pack and watching the Braves, especially when my namesake is pitching. I have my own space, three dog cookie jars (one for each door), several beds, a new name and a new outlook. Every day, Agnes and I are forced to play in our big yard or take a force amble up the street to do hound dog things. Sometimes people even smile at us or wave as they pass by. I'm grateful for my new home. Thank you BHRG for helping me to find these people; I think I'll stay.

[fred] We adopted Fred in June of 1999. Originally, we were a foster home....Fred was our first foster and we fell in love. He was found in a trailer park tied to a tree and wasn't being feed. When he came to us he was very underweight....now he's 70 pounds and holding. At the time we adopted Fred, we already had an 8-month old basset...Baxter. Having two dogs was enough for us and unfortunately we had to say no to any more fosters. Fred is very sweet. He likes to sleep a lot and play with his brother Baxter in the backyard.

My name is "Schroeder" (aka Schro Boy). I was found in a landfill by a kindly gentlemen that took me home and cared for me until BHRG came to my rescue. I weighed only 25 pounds at that time and had to stay at the Vets until I was well and had gained six pounds. Once I was feeling better, a nice lady sprung me from that joint and took me to her home in Appling, Georgia. Her home was my home instantly, after all there were five of my fellow Basset's living there. My new daddy came home that night and said "HELLO PUPPIES" and called out our names. I could see he KNEW something wasn't right, I could see he felt something was afoot. Fortunately the rest of my new family created a distraction by howling, jumping and wiggling all around him till he went inside. He looked a little confused but was tired and wanted to get out of the collar he had around his neck.
He came out later with a look of knowing in his eyes. If I interpret people language properly he said something like, "I guess we have a new family member." He patted me, called me by my name and was very friendly. After a time he went back into the house and flopped into his chair. I wasn't going to let him get away that easily. I saw him in his chair at the end of a thirty foot hall. I looked, judged, calculated and proceeded to thunder down the hall. His eyes crew wide, his mouth wide open as I leaped into his lap with front feet and LOWER feet placed properly. Today at 85 pounds he thanks me for being 54 lighter when I personally introduced myself to him. . [schroeder]

[rupert] My name is Rupert. Some people say that I'm not a true rescue, but I think I am. My former mom wasn't able to spend much time with me because she works. I was at home by myself all day and she realized that wasn't fair to me and I was really lonely. She contacted BHRG to help find a new home for me and that's where my new family comes in. They found me on the BHRG website and with the help of Sheri they were contacted by my former mom and the rest is history.

I love my new home! I now have a mommy, daddy and two brothers. My two brothers are the only ones that let me jump on them (but don't tell Mom). My new mom is a stay at home mom and even if she goes some where, guess who goes along.
They were all very impressed that I was so well behaved indoors and never have accidents in the house. I'm still working on my social skills with strangers (sometimes I scare people because I 'sing' bass) and when they have company, but I've come a looooong way! These folks are absolutely crazy about me and I couldn't be happier!

Hi, I'm Agnes. When I came to BHRG, I only weighed 25 pounds and had to endure heartworm treatment. I barely made it, but I'm sure glad I did! A nice family with two kids and two cat sisters adopted me on the first day of the new millennium. They were so impressed with my cousin Edgar, another BHRG rescue, that they found me through BHRG's website (with some help from Sheri.) My new family visited me at my foster home. I was so excited to see them, but I didn't jump. My new mom was really impressed by that. My foster mom, Rosemary, took great care of me, and now I'm so happy to be with my forever family. [agnes]

[jethro] Our 7-month-old Basset, Mickey was in desperate need of a companion. He was lonely and missed his brothers terribly. After doing some research on the internet, I came across the Bassett Hound Rescue of Georgia site, and we immediately knew that was the route we wanted to take. A few days after submitting the application we were introduced to 'Jethro' (now Bailey) and the search was over. Bailey was quite thin, with ring worm on his nose and in desperate need of love and attention. We made Bailey part of our family, and it was a perfect match.

Bailey and Mickey love their chews, love to wrestle and make lots and lots of noise. They enjoy the big back yard and prefer to spend most of their time sunbathing and playing chase on the multi level deck. But most of all we LOVE Bailey as part of the family... It's as if he's always been with us, he bonded with us that very night. Mickey has never been happier, and was a completely different dog upon meeting him. Mickey is very dominant, and selfish with his toys. He loves to start a tug-o-war with Bailey who is the complete opposite. Bailey is soft-hearted, laid back and very sweet, even allowing Mickey to have his way with no argument. We love our Bassets and they continue to make our lives more fun each day!

My name is Bart, well actually now it's Watson because my new Mommy liked that better. I'm not even a year old and look what's happened to me. My family moved off and left me to fend for myself. I wasn't making it too well, I got real skinny, got worms, and the mange. Then I got hit by a car which left big sores on my legs and broke one of them. A nice lady felt sorry for me and took me to the vet's office, there they called Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia. It's been pretty good since then. My legs have healed and no more worms or mange. I also get a full belly every day and lots of love from my new mommy and daddy. I've got it made in the shade now and a basset buddy, Henry, to play with. We really love to play! My new mommy even handmade me my own brand new bed to sleep in, although I prefer to sleep in their bed! That's where you'll find me most nights now! [bart]

[gracie] We found Gracie in "sick bay" at the animal shelter. She had been found during a thunderstorm and was a very sick girl. The animal shelter, believing that she was beyond help, wasn't even going to call us. Gracie was very thin and frail, her skin thick and blackened from neglected skin allergies. Her teeth were rotting from malnutrition. Gracie was taken to the vet and to a foster home, but a case of kennel cough quickly turned into pneumonia and a heart murmur was discovered.

Against all odds, Gracie was determined to have a chance at the life she deserved. Three months later, Gracie got her chance and was adopted. She now lives a charmed life with a basset sister, Martha, and two basset brothers, Newton and Colby, who were also adopted from BHRG.

Gus was found at the animal shelter. His face was scarred from having his mouth wired shut and his gait wobbly from physical abuse. There is no telling what all Gus had to endure. Following treatment for heartworm disease, Gus was adopted by a couple who loves him dearly and is finally getting the love and care he so deserves. [gus]

[hunter] My name is Hunter. I don't know what I did that was so bad, but some mean people threw me from a moving pick-up truck. I was hurt pretty bad, but a nice guy picked me up and took me to the vet. Then he called Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia, and they came to get me. I had a broken leg and had to have a real big surgery. Now I have a pin in my leg, but I'm doing much better. Best of all, I have a new mommy now who loves me and takes care of me, and the doctor says I am as good as new.

My name is Ginger. For four years I lived in a bad place that people call a puppy mill. At the puppy mill I lived in a small pen with six other bassets without even a dog house for shelter. The reason I was there was to make lots and lots of puppies to be sold at pet shops. Boy was I happy when the rescue people came and got me. They helped me get rid of my heartworms and had me spayed so I didn't have to have any more puppies. Now I live inside with my new family and have my own warm bed to sleep in. I'm happy and loved now for the first time in my life. [ginger]

[abigail] My name is Abigail. I used to be Nutmeg, but my new mommy and daddy changed it to their favorite name. I like it, too. I lived with Ginger at the puppy mill. Aren't I cute? Can you believe that mean people used to treat me so terribly, let me get worms, and didn't feed me very often? And I was only a puppy! Thank goodness Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia found me when they did. I love my new mommy and daddy very much. They keep my tummy full and even take me along to the pet store where I get to ride in the cart because I'm just a little girl. Now, I can't wait to grow up!

My name is Maisie. What about my eyes, huh? Can you believe that someone tied me outside and hardly ever gave me anything to eat? Those mean people also threatened to shoot me, but the rescue people said NO WAY! and took me in. They gave me lots to eat and a nice place to stay. Now I have my own family who loves me a whole bunch. I'm learning to trust and love them, too. [maisie]

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