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In October 2005, we adopted Cecily, now Ruby. We are going on 12 years of loving this girl everyday. Ruby sleeps with us every single night and does not like to be disturbed while sleeping, she will give you a little sweet growl. Ruby also enjoys the love of her life Scooby who welcomed her into our family almost 12 years ago. Scooby will lay by Ruby every day giving her doggy kisses. We have been so blessed to have Ruby in our lives for all of these years. Ruby is very healthy but has slowed down some walking. We take her for shorter walks just to let her enjoy what she loves most. She also has her Basset bark when she wants our attention and wants a walk. She is a smart girl, I can just say the word walk and she knows! Thank you BHRG for all you do! I wanted to take the time to let you know this beautiful girl is still with us and is very muched loved.

My name is Lexie. I was abused and abandoned in South Georgia. On top of all that, I was pregnant and gave birth to 8 black and white basset mix puppies! After being rescued by BHRG and fostered by wonderful people, I was adopted in 2009 by Anthony and Shannon. My new parents took me to my new home in Decatur. I love it here - there is a dog park two blocks away, and a really nice front porch where I can monitor all the feline activity in the neighborhood (it has really gone downhill!). I love my parents very much. They take really good care of me, and I love being on the same bed or sofa where they are although I am not good at sharing space! I also have a little sister, Sadie, a dachshund, who is pretty annoying (she likes to lick my ears, eyes, and mouth--gross!) but she has grown on me. Thank you so much, BHRG!

We just had to say good bye to our sweet Madison. We adopted Madison in February 2003 – this photo was taken about month after we had her. Madison was wonderful. She was gentle, funny and sweet, a ruthless hunter of chipmunks, and known for barking at owls in the wee hours of the morning while they hooted. Over the course of her life Madison had to have both of her eyes removed (glaucoma), but Maddie didn't let a small thing like being blind stop her from sitting in her favorite chair, going outside on her own through the dog door, cruising around the back yard, running in when it was time to eat or when she detected treats being presented – and she continued barking at the owls, though her chipmunk hunting days were at an end. To pick up the slack in that department our other dog would occasionally bring in a carcass and Madison took great relish in munching on the remains. Thank you BHRG for giving us such a great gift in 2003, ten and half plus years of love is really something special.

We adopted Primrose in May 2012, and she is a hoot. She's blind and deaf, and she can't walk very well (we call her our Weeble because she wobbles but doesn't fall down), but she moves like lightening when I leave a bowl of stew on the coffee table and she's on the sofa. And she's on the sofa often, as you can see. When I'm on the sofa and I'm not paying attention to her, she sits at my side and whacks my elbow with her head until I help her to "her spot." And she also convinces Rick to help her to her spot, especially when they're napping. Prim even shares her spot with the cats. She's been a delight and proves that there's a lot of life in an old dog.

Wiley (formerly Jerome) entered our life at a Petsmart one Saturday afternoon. We had already spent several hours there playing with the dogs when "the one" came walking in. He looked at me, I looked at him and sat down in the floor. He crawled up on my lap and didn't leave for the next hour+. We filled out our paperwork and picked him up two days later. This was July 2008. Wiley was underweight, had heartworms (actually required two treatments and they were not sure if he would make it through the second treatment), and was shot with a BB at some point. Well, he never had to worry about anything except where he was going to sun himself next. Wiley was a great companion. He loved nothing more than to follow you around, chase a ball a few times (after all you don't want him to wear out), and then collapse on your lap for a several hour nap. He loved to go the park, loved going to doggy daycare (which we were not familiar with until we moved to Kansas) and loved riding in a car. He loved just being with me so much that he didn't care if he sat in a car all day just so that he wasn't left at home. Some would call this neurotic, but not me. He was just my boy. You'll notice, I said "was". On March 7, 2013 my wife called me and asked if I noticed these tennis ball swellings in his throat. I didn't think much of it, but took him to the vet the next day. Unfortunately, Wiley had stage 4 Lymphoma. Wiley put up the fight for about 2 weeks and his little body just couldn't fight. He passed away on 3/17/13 (he was about 7 years old) with his head in my hand. He is off sleeping on a cloud (sunning himself I am sure) waiting for me at the rainbow bridge. Bassets are the one of the greatest dogs out there, and I can't thank the Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia enough for bringing Wiley into our lives.

Hi, my name is Brody, yep just like BHRG named me, it just seemed to fit me and I came to it, so my parents decided to keep it. I was adopted in June 2012. I'm a very sweet boy that loves to cuddle with my humans unless I'm really tired, then I just want to sleep! I have my own couch in the living room and chair in the bedroom. As much as my humans try to get me to sleep in my nice houndie bed, I just refuse. I have learned quickly how to navigate the house and my family. I sure know where the treat cabinet is. Right next to the human treat cabinet! I love to sing with my dad. We usually sing in the morning and at night before bed. Sometimes I even initiate it. I got a chance recently to chase a stray cat out of the yard and she has not returned. (evil grin). My parents often wonder what my life was like before I came to BHRG. They can't figure out why I bark at the TV when a horse whinnies. Maybe I lived on a farm before?? Who knows but it's funny. I sure am glad I adopted them!

Hazel is the best dog ever! Well, Hazel wasn't Hazel when we got her. Her name was Virginia (Ginny) when we first got her. It all started in 2009, the day my mom and I went to Petco to take a look at the animals. When we were walking in I noticed an adoption was going on and asked my mom if we could take a look at the bassets. She agreed and when we went over to look at them, that's when I saw Hazel. She was the first dog I laid my eyes on, but I went to the other dogs because I thought I would find better dogs, but I ended up going back to Hazel over and over again. When we were talking to her foster parent we learned that she was found in a backyard of an abandoned house. She was left, lonely for days with no food and water. We didn't know how old she was then but they thought she was about 4 or 5. She was left to die in that backyard. She was terribly afraid of shoes and feet because she was kicked in her home before. She has a horrible scar on her nose from being kicked. We are very lucky that BHRG found her or she wouldn't have the life she has today. We spend tons of time with her and smother her with love and care. She loves to play with golf balls and tennis balls and sings along when we are singing happy birthday. She will not stop howling until like, 2 minutes after we stop. On this very day she is still very playful and full of craziness, but we love her anyway. She will always stay in our hearts! LOVE U HAZEL! UR THE BEST!

We adopted Terra in October 2010. She is the sweetest dog ever! We had some adjustments to make when she first came to live with us. She and our 10 year old bassett, Ellie Mae, had to work out their differences. Now they are great friends! They explore together in the back yard and chase birds, squirrels and sometimes our girls Reese and Norah. Norah (our youngest) made Terra a little nervous at first but they are very close now. I find that they have very similar personalities! Terra had some skin issues when we first brought her home. After about 6 months we finally got her clear and she is a very happy girl now that she's not so itchy! We are very grateful that BHRG brought us together!

Hey y'all! My name is Lula Belle (formerly Garnet) and I found my forever home on 9/1/2007. I lived in Atlanta for a while before moving to New York City. It's been quite an adventure! I get to play in Central Park and visit the Hudson River whenever I want. The tourists even like to take pictures of me. They obviously know true beauty when they see it. My Girl tells me all the time that I'm the best thing that ever happened to her and I'm her best friend. If being a best friend means being beautiful, funny and snuggly, then she's definitely right about that. She even likes to share a lot of foods with me like yogurt, peanut butter, apples, carrots, bananas and especially sweet potatoes! The sweet potatoes keep my color looking so brilliant. I'm even allowed in the bed where I play a game I call "Pillow Pop-Up." It's where I burrow under all the pillows, wait a second and then quickly throw them all off to reveal myself. Everyone says I'm very entertaining. I can't wait to see where life takes me next, but I know that wherever I go, My Girl will be with me. Thank you BHRG!

Miley (Pebbles) is doing great in her new home! She wags her tail at anyone who has a treat. Though she can't get any fatter and she is still scared of tall people, she is doing great. She is friends with our black lab/collie mix named Andie. She really loves going for walks to Lake Peachtree and also the dog park we live near. Miley likes to hide under the desk where my feet are when I am on the computer. In 2009, Miley was crowned queen at the Basset Bash. Miley really loves her new owner Alexandra.

 Savannah, formerly known as Metter, was an old hound not given much chance of a life when dumped at the Pound in July of 2010. The odds were about the survival rate of Merchant Marine Sailors in WW2 at the height of the Battle of the Atlantic (there, now go check your history). Old, skinny, heart murmer etc. But as Mark Twain once said in paraphrase, reports of her impending demise were exaggerated, thanks to BHRG. Savannah is still steaming at Full Speed Ahead, and show no signs of slowing down. Crowned Queen of the 2010 Bash, this Classy Lady runs a Basset 500, and has a lot of tread left on those paws, and a bark to match. This is Why I Rescue. And why the Old Hounds are worth it.

 Please find update on my newest daughter of 7 months ago. Thank you so very much, after losing our 14 year old Basset, Bo, it was certainly hard, we know you can never replace a wonderful companion, but Charlotte our chocolate female basset has certainly taken my heart. I live with my wonderful bride of 35 years/ 2 beautiful daughters/2 wonderful grand daughters/3 female cats/and 2 female canines. I AM surrounded by all females, Charlotte is the ONLY ONE that acknowledges me as the ALPHA MALE in our home.

Hi Everyone! Flash and Abby asked me to drop y’all a note and tell you how happy they are to be back together in their new Forever Home.  A few months ago, when I lost my beloved Beauregard, I started looking for a new companion.  A true Basset lover, I turned to BHRG for help.  I read about Flash and Abby and learned they had been separated and placed in two foster homes, one in Lawrenceville and one in Fayetteville.  I attended an event in Lawrenceville and quickly fell in love with my adorable Abby.
After a week or so, Abby made it perfectly clear how much she missed her brother Flash.  A few phone calls later, with the wonderful folks at BHRG, arrangements were made to shuttle Flash to a nearby event in Marietta.  Flash is just so awesome!  I brought him home where Abby recognized him immediately, even after being separated for six months. They ran, played and wrestled all that afternoon, then “spooned” and snuggled together all night.  They are so happy now!

God has truly blessed me with these two beautiful hounds.  Flash and Abby join me in thanking everyone at BHRG for all of the wonderful work you do!

 Hi all my friends at BHRG, it's me "Angel" (now called Angel Baby).  It's been 3 1/2 years since I found my forever family. I just wanted to check in again to let you know how I'm doing. As you can see, I'm pretty much a laid back girl. Daddy's lap is still my favorite place. I claimed his lap the first night I was here and that hasn't changed.
There has been a big change though. Mommy and Daddy's son and family has come to live here with us. I wasn't to sure I liked that at first but I began to really love that kid that came with them. I found out he was really nice, and we're good pals now. They brought their dog with them and we sure have fun together!  He's a BIG red tick hound. We run and chase each other; it's so much fun. Mommy has to yell at us to stop, when we hear "OK guys enough" we know she means business.  I go to my bed and BIG hound goes to his. When Mommy's not happy no one's happy Daddy says, so we don't want that. This will be my 3rd Christmas here in my forever home and every year there has been something under the tree in the livingroom for me. I think I can smell something under there again this year. I also smell one for that BIG hound too... hmmmm, guess he's allowed one too.

Ok BHRG just checking in to let you know I'm still with my forever family and very happy here!  Oh yeah, remember all those "Issues" I had when I came here? Well they all disappeared cause I trust these people. They have loved me soooooo much, those issues just left one day. I don't miss those issues either. Thanks BHRG - for finding me this forever home!   I'm still trying to figure out what "love at first sight means"?

Hi BHRG, we want to thank You for allowing Angel Baby to come into our home. Angel Baby is such a wonderful dog and has given this family sooo much love. Yes, it was" love at first sight"!  If ever I want another basset I will always come to you first.

Just a quick update on our beloved Henry (originally Lancelot, one of Annette's puppies).  He recently turned a year old and weighed in at a healthy 60 pounds.  He is a true comedian and even his criminal behavior is wildly funny (which makes it difficult to chastise him even when we should).  He seems to understand when he's entertaining us and draws strength from our laughter.  On the other hand, he's got a great sense of self and often just wanders off to do his own thing.  He has a variety of vocalizations to tell us various things like "keep it down, I'm trying to sleep", "I'm not happy with that decision" and "get off your butt and play with me".  He's a well adjusted guy who likes to play hard, love lots and sleep often.  Bottom line; we adore Henry and are grateful to BHRG for connecting us with him.

We had adopted from you before, Maizy, we lost her to a tumor in August of 09. When we decided to start looking for another family member, Cheryl found Speckle around early March, on your web site. We discussed for several weeks, to determine we were ready. We came to an adoption event to see her in Milton. We drove from the Chattanooga area, Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. Thanks to a wrong click, on google maps, we arrived so late we could only spend about 10 minutes with her. Most notably, we also met Coda in Milton. He quickly let us know we should consider him as a candidate for a forever home. The following week there was another adoption event in Buckhead, at the PETsMART there. We were there when the Waggin van showed up. Coda was on board, and ready to strut his stuff! You all had arranged for a cat visit with Speckle for us, since we do have a cat in our home. Well, we walked Coda around until Speckle showed up. Then we walked around with them both. Long story short, kind of, we decided to take them both home with us.
Let me tell you, friends and family have always said two are better than one. Well, we agree! It is wonderful watching them play with each other, we sometimes call them Ding and Dong, or Kling and Klang, but they do get along great. We had a few weeks of adjustment for Cleo the cat, but she has got them trained pretty well now. Coda was the hardest, Cleo just looked like she wanted to be chased. I have attached a couple of recent pictures, and will send more later. My dad has come to visit from Indiana, and he wanted to see Speckle from the pictures we sent him, but he and Coda have bonded like I don’t know what. Dad can’t seem to move without his buddy with him. Coda sleeps in the spare bedroom with Dad, and while Dad works in my garage, Coda and Speckle spend the day with PAPAW whether he is inside or out. We really appreciate all the joy they bring us, and we hope to be of more support to you as the months go by. Thank you for all you do, for the Bassets.

Five years ago my family, which includes twin boys who were in 2nd grade at the time, owned a dog named Scooby who is a basset mix. We noticed he was lonely when we were gone for the day because of work and school. I started searching and found BHRG.org website, and when I saw Ceceily, now known as Ruby, her beautiful big brown eyes were drawn to me. She was one of five bassets that were starving and very ill and found walking on Highway 41 in Marietta. My boys and I visited her twice at the foster home. She was still ill and recovering from a upper respiratory infection so we had to wait for her to get well. Finally, on October 10, 2005 I was able to pick her up and bring this loving dog home. Concerned how Scooby would react we put him on a leash when I brought her in. They both walked up to each other and gave each other big doggy kisses. In five minutes, we were playing fetch with her. Ruby was finally home! She loves sleeping on my bed but does not like to be interrupted when Scooby jumps on. She growls a bit but falls right back to sleep. She loves most of all is her squeaky ball and walks. Ruby is a loving, laid back girl who we all love. She is also the love of Scooby's life and vice versa. Thank you BHRG for what you do!

Hey there! We are Moses and Maggie. About a year ago now we went to our forever home with Bob and Bonnie except we call them Mommy and Daddy now. We think we should tell you how great we are doing and how much we are enjoying our retirement. See, we were Senior hounds and what they call a bonded pair-that means we were old when Mommy took us home and we are like peas and carrots.
Some people get worried about us seniors, but we have to tell you there's nothing to be worried about! We get along well with our four younger brothers and sisters, in fact we love them all sleeping in the same room with us. We always share a soft bed or our comfortable chairs with them. When we first got here Moses thought he had to guard his food because he was afraid there wouldn't be enough, but now he knows he doesn't have to because Mom makes sure everyone gets the same. Moses laughs at me (Maggie) because they call me the Snausage Queen. Every morning I wake Daddy up at 7:30 by whining for Snausages. He doesn't mind because all those years in the military made him get up earlier than that and anyways after I get a Snausage I give him better good morning kisses than Mom does (well I think so anyway). We have had alot of things going on this year-we got to go to church and meet a bunch of children who liked us so much they gave us lots of belly rubs and hugs, we get to ride in the car with dad, mom takes us on walks-which we love and most of all we love our airconditioning and soft beds. We have had to see the Vet a few times which was fun because she has Basset hounds too and she fell madly in love with us. Mom is worried about Moses because he is starting to get up a little slower on his back legs, but when I run past him, he forgets his aches and pains and hurries to see what I am chasing. Yes I still love chasing squirrels even though I don't hear very well-my nose still works good. Mom has a very special way of talking to me with her hands when she is trying to tell me something, so I don't miss much. Despite being old, we are in pretty good health, that's what the Vet always tells mom and dad anyways. We love sleeping with mom and dad in the bed with all the other dogs in their beds on floor. Its a little crowded but we love nothing better than sleeping back to back. One night we knocked Mom out of bed but she is so cool, she just laughed and got back on the bed. She even put up a ramp to make it easier for us to get in and out of bed. Well, we just wanted to tell you how happy we are and how good we have it in our forever home and thank you Basset Rescue for getting us to the best Mommy and Daddy in the world! Maybe we will come to visit you this year at Basset Bash.

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