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Female Basset Hounds

The following female basset hounds have been rescued by Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia, Inc. and are available for adoption to the right home.

If you are considering adopting one of our bassets, please review our adoption process and submit an adoption application.

Last Updated: January 4, 2021.


Addison needs a foster home! This tri-colored girl came to BHRG after being used as a breeder dog her entire life. She is around 10 years old. Addison is visiting a BHRG vet, so we hope to have more information soon.

Addison's Sponsors

  • Eric Herrli & Steven Campeau - Alpharetta, GA. In memory of Sherman, Daisey and Oscar.
  • Eileen Enders - Palmetto, GA. In memory of Felix & Oscar two Basset brothers, who once found, took over my life, my home, and my heart.
  • Brick & Julie Bills - Sandy Springs, GA. In honor of Scarlett and Melanie.
  • Fiona Kaplin & Kyle Garwick - Atlanta, GA. In honor of our adopted basset Gatsby (formerly Tater), who we can't imagine life without!
You can also sponsor a Basset Hound in need through our Georgia Peach program.


DaisyJane is a senior lady who came to BHRG with her sister, Petunia, from a county animal control. Petunia has since gone on to the Rainbow Bridge, so DaisyJane is learning to live life without her. DaisyJane is 16 years old and is tri-colored. She loves the warm house, plenty of food, and soft fluffy beds. She gets along fine with other dogs and with the humans she's met.

She says... "Hello everybody, yes you who are reading all about me! I may be 16 and deaf but I love my zoomies around the house and finish up with a jump into my warm fluffy bed. I'm learning about belly rubs, ooh, they're so good! When you have my attention, you're my best buddy. I get along with my dachshund siblings and I'm told I'm sweet tempered, whatever that means. When the weather is nice, foster Mom and I go for a wandering slow walk to check out the neighborhood if it isn't much farther than a couple of driveways down the block. I have a marvelous boowoo, deep and melodious. I go outside often to check on what's happening in the backyard, must keep them chipmunks and squirrels in their places. And at other times I do what us fabulous senior dogs love to do most, nap and dream in comfort, safe and loved. Would you consider sharing your home with me? What time I have left is being well spent. I'm protected, safe, warm, I have a full tummy and love. I'm not much trouble and I'm so darned lovely. Think about it, huh?

DaisyJane's Sponsors

  • Charlie Hill - Decatur, GA. In memory of Duchess, Duke, and Mitzi.
  • Tara Guffrey - Marietta, GA. In loving memory of Scout & Gracie.
  • Katherine McClure - Atlanta, GA. In memory of Dixie & Nellie.
  • Olivia Jacobi - Dallas, GA. In memory of Maisy Grace.
  • Anonymous.
You can also sponsor a Basset Hound in need through our Georgia Peach program.

Dory Mae

Dory Mae is around 10 years old and is tri-colored. She needs a retirement home without kids. Dory Mae is visiting a BHRG vet. More info coming soon. Adoption Pending!

Dory Mae's Sponsors

  • Brian & Kelley Anglin - Cumming, GA. In memory of Droopy, Muffin, Emma and Beauty.
  • Mary Zellers - Woodstock, GA. In memory of Homer our loving,amazing boy who we'll have in our hearts forever.
  • Matt & Kerri James - Big Canoe, GA. In honor of Murphy's 2nd birthday.
  • Melissa Legg & Rick Reeves - Portland, ME. In memory of Miss Martha.
You can also sponsor a Basset Hound in need through our Georgia Peach program.


Gladys is a red & white lady who was left at a local animal control when her owner died. She was in terrible shape but has had a thorough exam at a BHRG vet's office. If you like old, lovable, grumpy, sweet, lumpy, stubborn, cute, old (yep twice) ladies ... Gladys is your girl. She is crazy about stuffed toys and tennis balls and will hog the entire bed at night. She will tell you when it's time for bed with a "woof." She is one of the sweetest grumps you will ever meet.

Gladys's Sponsors

  • Larry & Kathy Johnson - Fultonville, NY. In honor of our Goofy Boof.
  • Tamala & Thomas Malerk - Lakeland, FL. In memory of Otto VonBark (BHRG Lash 2016).
  • Bev & Gene Fochtman - Savannah, GA. In memory of our beloved Corbin, Bernadette and Valerie.
  • Eric & Susan Restin - Alpharetta, GA. In loving memory of Polly.
You can also sponsor a Basset Hound in need through our Georgia Peach program.


Inez is a 12-year-old gal who came to BHRG from a local animal control. Inez can be "grumpy" with other dogs - mainly when food/treats are involved. It's best to feed her separately and keep an eye on her with other dogs. She does get along with them but likes her space too. She does have some arthritis issues but she is taking medication that works well for her. Inez is doing well with housebreaking when watched closely. She is a sweet senior that would love to have a wonderful forever home.

Inez's Sponsors

  • Heather & Colin Rochford - Marietta, GA. In honor of Hank.
  • Suzy James - Milford, NJ. In memory of Julienne Vard who loved Bassets.
  • Christine Colborne - Ft. Myers, FL. In honor of all the BHRG Bassets I have loved who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
  • Chuck & Wendy Grissom - Marietta, GA. In memory of Max Grissom.
You can also sponsor a Basset Hound in need through our Georgia Peach program.


Matlida and her brother were likely turned loose to die, but picked up by animal control and came in to the care of BHRG in March. Her brother has since gone to the Rainbow Bridge, but this old girl is a trooper. She has completed treatment for heartworm and is ready to find a loving home to hang her hat for the rest of her days. More information to follow.

Matlida's Sponsors

  • Lorne & Sheila George - Statesboro, GA.
  • Marci Thomas - Canton, GA. In memory of Zekie, a very fine hound.
  • Anonymous.
  • Becky Clutter - Atlanta, GA. In memory of Preston Reese Carnegie, my best friend.
  • Toni Strawn - Kingston, GA. In honor of Buddy & Sadie Grace.
You can also sponsor a Basset Hound in need through our Georgia Peach program.

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