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[dot1] How Can I Contact Someone at BHRG? [dot1]

BHRG is not a kennel, nor do we have a facility. We do not have a paid staff. All of our workers are volunteers who have full-time jobs and personal responsibilities. Please be patient when contacting BHRG. We do our best to get back in touch with you as soon as we possibly can.

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[dot1] Main Contact E-mail bhrg@bhrg.org
[dot1] Telephone 770.499.1164

[dot1] Adoption Coordinator AdoptionCoordinator@bhrg.org
  - for answers to questions about adoption (check out the adoption page first)
[dot1] Intake Coordinator IntakeCoordinator@bhrg.org
  - to report a basset in a shelter or a stray basset.
Priority is given to bassets in danger (kill shelters). With the exception of BHRG bassets who need to be returned, we cannot accept bassets from owners at this time.
[dot1] Foster Home Coordinator FosterCoordinator@bhrg.org
  - for more information on becoming a BHRG foster home
[dot1] Treasurer Treasurer@bhrg.org
  - for information on making a donation, reimbursement for expenses
[dot1] Special Events Bash@bhrg.org
  - for information on the Basset Bash and Spring Fling Dinner Auction
[dot1] Transportation Coordinator Transport@bhrg.org
  - coordinates transportation of incoming dogs from shelters and adopted dogs to their new homes
[dot1] Newsletter Newsletter@bhrg.org
  - to submit items for the newsletter, or to send a subscription
[dot1] Merchandise Merchandise@bhrg.org
  - answers to questions regarding BHRG gear
[dot1] Home Visit Coordinator HomeVisitCoordinator@bhrg.org
  - to submit home visit reports or for answers to questions about home visits
[dot1] Success Stories SuccessStories@bhrg.org
  - to submit your adoption success story for the website
[dot1] Webmaster Webmaster@bhrg.org
  - to report typos or broken links on the website
[dot1] Georgia Peach GeorgiaPeach@bhrg.org
  - for information about or questions regarding our Georgia Peach virtual adoption program
[dot1] General Information GeneralInfo@bhrg.org
  - the contact if none of the others can assist you

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