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Bonded Pairs

The following bassets are bonded pairs who must be adopted together. They could be littermates or related in another way; however, attempts to separate them have failed, so they must find a forever home who will love them both. If your family spends frequent amounts of time away from home, please consider adopting a bonded pair so they can keep each other company while you're not around.

If you are considering adopting one of our bassets, please review our adoption process and submit an adoption application.

Last Updated: October 22, 2022.

Beauregard & Pebbles

Beauregard & Pebbles are a bonded pair of senior bassets who must be adopted together. They came to BHRG when their owner passed away. Pebbles is red and white, while Beauregard is tri-colored and is the more speckled of the pair. We believe Beauregard is around 12 years old and Pebbles is around 11 years old.

Beauregard's & Pebbles's Sponsors

  • Sandra & Justin Gardner - Macon, GA. In tribute and thanks for all our wonderful bassets who brought/bring us joy: Sophie, Anabelle, Max, Huck, Rufus, Charlie and George.
  • Coleman, Knox, and Mae - Atlanta, GA. Mimi a/k/a Gigi Dianne - Morrow, GA. In memory of Vannie and Sash.
You can also sponsor a Basset Hound in need through our Georgia Peach program.

Oakley & Wagner



Oakley & Wagner are a bonded pair of bassets who must be adopted together as they love each other very much. Their adoptive family had to return them when the family was faced with serious health issues. Both Oakley and Wagner love car rides and walks, and both are crated trained and know the dog door. We suggest no small children for this pair.

Oakley is a super sweet red & white, 11-year-old old girl. She is very agile, does stairs, and can get on furniture easily. She will get on those counters, so watch where you put your food. She would love for you to pet her all day long. She will get as close to you as she can and give lots of nudges. She loves to play with other dogs and will bark to get them to play with her, but she does tend to be the alpha.

Wagner is a sweet laid back 10-year-old, red & white boy. He is a gentleman and will patiently wait for his treat or food. He is very laid back, loves men, and gets excited when his foster dad comes home. He will sit and lean into his foster dad and just soaks up the love. He is the perfect age that still likes to play with another dog or his toys but he loves to sleep too. He loves having a fenced yard and going out to bark at the neighbor dogs.

Oakley's & Wagner's Sponsors

  • Angie & Doug Rubel - Canton, GA. In memory of Harley, Buddy and John the Basset - forever in our hearts.
  • Susan, Hamp, Libby & Maribee Thornton - Plano, TX. In memory of Albert, Maggie, Hogan and Trudy (BHRG), who are all now playing together at the Rainbow Bridge.
You can also sponsor a Basset Hound in need through our Georgia Peach program.

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